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Ive just been tasked by SSM to do a 4 day training package for soldiers who may be selected to go on a JNCO promotion cadre.

MATT's not a problem, Phys not a problem, but Ive got to do an exercise which lasts 2 days and one night. I need to do low level infantry training (Hurra for the Engineers). I know I have to write a EASP for the exercise. What i need to know is, do i need to write one general easp covering all training objectives or one for each?

Subjects to cover:

Fire and movement (Individual and Pairs),
Patroling (Day and Night),
Harbour Area Drills,
Duties of a Sentry,

etc... etc....

Written EASP's for my AA SAA Course but never had to plan a training package like this before.

This was a Staffy's job last year Im only a meer Full Screw and want to make the best job of it I can.

Thanks :?


The BCDT update disk,from the "this is a new FFD ...." presentation has an example on it, followi the headings & you wont go far wrong.


Short answer - 1 EASP for the exercise.

Slightly longer answer - You can include info for the whole 4 days in an admin instruction, but the ex phase needs an EASP, usually included as an annex.

If you speak to your Trg Wing they may have copies of previous similar EASPs to assist in your planning.

Good luck with your training.

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