help required for a NSN

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by CHARLIE224, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Help please, I have been tasked to find a NSN for a finger torch because my fecking boss wants one, as he saw one being used by a AAC pilot and he won't take no for an answer or it's only for pilots.

    Can anyone help as he's pi*sing me off and I can't smack him one and tell to feck off as much as i want to. :x

  2. If you have access to RAF squippers (Safety Equipment blokes), they are dishing them out like sweets.

    I've got one for each finger and all my toes.

    I've got 24 so far. ;)
  3. 2436-99-6453-0097. Thats not for a torch, it's for a pair of pliers. When they tip up, cut all his fingers off. Then tell him "No you can't have one".
  4. Tell him they dont issue them. The pilot must have bought it.

    What a wierdo your boss is!
  5. I didn't know you were from Cornwall! 8O
  6. Try this ISO PARTS It the location of choice for most RAF techies.

    All manner of things there including flight control computers for Tornados!
  7. Flash, how can you possibly wear all those finger light when your hands are webbed?
  8. A mate of mine took one on tour, (he got it off some yank site on the net).

    Lost after a week, only to find it again when clearing out his kit when they left. Seems like an odd request, they're sh1t.
  9. AirLite NVG finger light
  10. 5a/6230-99-4713170 Airlite NVG finger light. :D
  11. mjservices sell them, £34.95! Shipped 6000 to MOD for aircrew use, shouldbe able to blag one, mind you, bet theyre starred.