Help required. Connecting Sky through ethernet



My new pad has intelligent data-cabling.

I can connect my skyHD box from the RF out to the rest of the house via an ethernet port, to transmit Sky to all rooms.

I can't find a cable to do this though! I've looked, and found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

I would go to the company that cabled the place (AST Homenet) but they've gone bust.
Are you saying that you wish to connect the RF outlet of your Sky box to an ethernet socket in the wall, and are looking for a cable with an RJ45 plug at one end, and an f-connector at the other?
RF through an unscreened cable is not the best idea. Is the plan to connect a telly straight to the ethernet socket in another room?
I don't think it would be screened. Why not connect it to the RGB and audio sockets? You could make your own cables by cutting standard ethernet cables in half, and with each half, connect RCA plugs. You can buy RCA plugs easily enough, just make sure you wire each set identically.
Are you looking for HDMI over ethernet? Connect the HDMI output on your Sky box to an ethernet socket? Belkin do a cable here.
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