Help required - Blackpool security firm

I am after help locating a security firm in the Blackpool area which is managed by ex-army officers.
I am looking at applying for a supervisor job with them, but it is listed by a recruitment company, no company name given as per usual, and I would rather cut out the middle man - box ticking, buzz word scanning etc - and go straight for the jugular.
Short of CV bombing all the SY firms in Blackpool, if anyone knows the name of a SY firm that fits the description it would be appreciated. (and save me on stamps and envelopes etc)

thanks in advance.

oh, yes I have Googled them all thrown up by Yell but no good G2
Have great fun wearing orange hi-viz kit, chucking ppl out of Yates, The Castle, The Flagship, Walkabout, Flares, Counting House, Rumours & Hush, Revolution, and the Winter Gardens when the Punk festival is on.
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