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I've received an email from a lady with a question wrt military provision of au pairs for single soldiers with kids:

I am not a member of ARRSE my husband is though i e-mailed you on Saturday night with a question ref a seperated soldier in 1 BN Scots Guards with a queiry on entitlements for child care while he is at work. He is bringing up two under the age of five on his own and has recieved a months warning order to get himself sorted out with an au-pair is he entitled to one and if not what is his best way of finding any info out as his Regimental admin office are not helping this poor guy out. I was told to e-mail the welfare and charities side but i couldnt log on i would be gratefull for any response from you ASAP. Many thanks once again for your very efficiant responce
I've no experience with this sort of thing but am sure that there are ARRSE users out there who have been in a similar position. All responses gratefully received.

P.S I've already said that this individual needs to go to see the Unit Welfare Officer asap!
We have had to look into this in the past so I'll send some links.

First of all while he is looking for a Nanny/Au Pair and to keep work off his back is there anyway he could get Familial support, i.e his mother an Aunt or someone who is related to the children who may be able to help out by moving in at the end of his months warning (disgusting behaviour)? I see 1SG are in Munster. Has he contacted AWS direct? He is perfectly entitled to do so!

Secondly register on as many sites as possible.

are but two I found to be quite good.
I would add to the list of potentially helpful agencies the local branch of Homestart. Each garrison in Germany also has a Garrison Welfare Officer who should be able to advise.

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