Help Request - TA Logo

I think we do! Although this time, I'm not the one confused. Hooray! Dale is a girl. Or a woman. What would you prefer Dale?
"Bird" is fine thanks.

I have no issues with my gender either.
I like it when we have clarity of gender. Though if I liked it more I might have chosen a less confusing name. But Dale had me muddled with her picture, there was some sort of subconscious link between Johnny Knoxville and herself and I made her a him. Once again, my posting makes fck all sense.
I think that's a pretty crap thing to do.
I mean, it's the TA. Terriers, STABs, whatever. You can change its name, but people are still going to call it the TA.
Besides, Army Reserve is so bloody American!
I would'nt worryafter 6 months staagging on inthe desert and being pissed about you really think theres going to be anyone left to go in the new look army reserve?
Is it true that the new Army Reserve (aka the Really Cheap Infantry Corps) will have a recruiting slogan along following lines: "Tab. Trench. Tea. Thrap. Then Do It Again 6 Months Later"?

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