Help Request - TA Logo

Fellow STABs,

Has anyone out there got a decent TA logo in electronic format that I could get a copy of?  I've had a nosey around the TA website, but the best I can do is a very small one on a black background.

This is an urgent request, as I've just discovered that we're short of flyers and posters for tomorrow's open day!

Thanks in advance,


You're obviously a much better surfer than me!  I couldn't get the second link to work, but the first one is spot on.

Many thanks,

Eagle - Don't you dare!!!!!!!   lolololololololol :)

Ok, maybe we need a thread, design a new TA logo? Sure someone must have some doodles somewhere.

Ohj, and a new copy. can we nick "Be all you can be?"
Cancel my last, it looks like they have removed them from their archive.  Thay used to have the TA logo on there, we had a similar problem a while back.  

Still there's lots of photos.  
heheh how about "TA we look like the army, but we might not turn up"
quite true when you wanna exchange your socks on a tuesday and there isnt a storeman in sight! :roll:
The logo will go when the name is changed. At the moment it stays. There is new "corprate" TA marketing info the pipe line, looks really professional.
How about "Who cares who wins."

or "TA - We come back to life on mondays."

or "TA - dole scroungers need not apply"

or "TA the sequel: STABs 2 (the Army Reserve)"