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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by beerkeg, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Hiya everyone, long time no hear. I am on my class one and am currently doing some bone project. I was advised (perhaps badly) that RSIT have their own web site. I however, in my technologically stoopid brain, seem to not be able to find it. Can anyone perhaps give me a pointer or tell me whether some Sgt has infact made me waste 30 minutes of my life looking for sumat that does not exist? Thanking you in advance, beerkeg
  2. Not on T'interent. What about the army web????
  3. www.youhavebeenWaa'
  4. thanks for the sensible reply......the army web has nothing about rsit on there......whilst yes I am a female, I do have some brains and did indeed try.......I also sought advice from the TOT. It appears that there used to be a web site but was removed for some security reason. Therefore iron rations you tool, i have not been warreeddd.......So take a jump
  5. Meeoooww!!

    "fight fight fight!!"
  6. Hey Beerkeg!

    I'm guessing you're a mech! or one of the new breed... Inst Tech (spits coarsly...)

    If you are busting a gut on something let me know & I'll try help you out. I sailed mine & had all the four projects done in 5 days each with good marks so any help you need just ask. Oh it's true they are nails! well not really just take time. lol

  7. Look you lump, why not just ring them up and ask. On your class 1, they do a class 1 in being a fcukwit now do they?

    No common sense, I bet thats never been said about you before has it?
  8. beerkeg dont listen to all this bollox ring them direct there oc is a top bloke and will help you out.
    why do you need to speak to the Range Safety Inspection Team though!! sorry being a ahole
  9. [align=center]beerkeg dont listen to all this bollox ring them direct there oc is a top bloke and will help you out.
    why do you need to speak to the Range Safety Inspection Team though!! sorry being a ahole [/align]

    RSIT ~ Could well be Royal Signals Installation Tech... don't you think! Hence the reference to Telemechs, we used to have a trade web site run from a guy in Blandford but it was discontinued I believe after he was posted.

    Step back below the watford gap cbcj3110 (what kind of username is that anyway?!!) & continue drinking shandy...
  10. Just undergone an RSIT inspection, blinding success is was aswell, PM me if you require any advice, as previously said the OC is a top bloke as is the FofS
  11. THANKS IRONRATIONS.......YOU HAVE PROVED TO BE A TOTAL THICKO.......I probably have more common sence in my left nipple than you. If you read my original.....I had no luck in obtaining info from the regt......

    Mighty_Quins thankyou for your more sensible reply.....I infact managed to get advice in the end....the OC is a top bloke as you said.....thanks again
  12. Probably got more hair on your left nipple too....

    Anyway, in the midst of all the abuse I did actually say

    "why not just ring them up and ask..."

    Kids these days...
  13. stay off the drugs hoss137uk
  14. Iron appears obvious that you do not have the intellect or indeed the brain that god unfortunately gave you as all you can do is offer bone replies and basically wasting space on arrse.....Maybe you could go to the naafi bar and post some of your lack lustre replies on there where I am sure someone equally as dim will reply. Now you could accuse me of being a hypocrit as I am now wasting my time insulting you.

    No I am not a telemech, no I dont have a hairy nipple and yes I indeed tried to get a number but as I said, I did not have any joy. Me being naive thought I could find a reply quicker if I asked what I assumed would be sensible people on this glorious website.....then I stumbled upon you......never mind, I will know better in future I guess. For those people who did answer sensibly, I thank you