HELP - renlistment woes

Hope someone can help with this...

I left the regular army in 2001 but mobilised on Telic 5 as a regular reservist between Nov 04 and May 05. Whilst out there, I made the decision to re-enlist into the regs and submitted the paperwork through SO2 Manning in theatre. I originally wanted to go into the AMS but, after spending a week's attachment at a med centre on my return to the UK and having had an interview with the relevant PSO, I decided that the AMS wasn't for me and to apply for the AGC instead.

On phoning Glasgow to discuss this, I was told that the application had been withdrawn completely and that I would have to re-apply from scratch, this time via my local recruiting office. On going there today, I was told that I would need a civvy medical (despite having had one for re-enlistment on my return Iraq at RTMC), would have to attend the Recruit Selection Centre (despite not having had to for my original application) etc. Basically, the full works for someone coming fresh from civvy street.

It seems odd that this application is being handled in a radically different way from the one I made in Iraq, not to mention somewhat strange that I have to attend RSC and have a BARB test despite having only just come back from Iraq and passed all the relevant ITDs. What's changed in 2 months or so? Obviously, I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to get back in the army but equally I don't want to make extra unnessecary work for anyone.

Can anyone who is in the know tell me whether this is normal in my situation? I'm asking here because, quite frankly, no one else seems to listen when I try to explain the situation!

Any help would be majorly appreciated!


I think that your re-enlistment process has something to do with your previous trade, time spent in before getting out, rank on leaving and length of time out of the service. Not sure like but having spoken to some who have re-enlisted, that seems to be the main points affecting your return.

I would have thought that the Recruiters would have expleined the why's and where fors though. You might find that it has something to do with your pension as well.

You might want to post this one on the AGC forum.
To be honest with you I would approach the RCMO or RAO at your nearest Army Unit, you would probably find them a lot more helpful and would give you better direction.

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