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Discussion in 'REME' started by Ear, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Ear


    this is my first post and first threa so i dont know if im posting this in the right place or not, but ive got a presentation to do on the 17th in front of the OC.

    The title is REME and Cyprus. The topic ive got within the group is what we are currently doing there.
    So far ive hit a brick wall and cant seem to find much info.

    If anyone has any information on what weare doing there now eg, ongoing operations, helping the country with things, details about R&R, specifics about what the reme are doing, are we planning on leaving anytime soon, or anything else anyone can think of it would be really helfpfull.

  2. A quick search on the British Army website provided a lot of useful info. Check out Exercises Lion Sun (if it still happens) and Lion Spanner (TA Ex).

    Units stationed in Dhekelia, Akrotiri, Episkopi plus others.
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    UK presence is in 2 parts.

    The 2 Sovereign Base Areas (WSBS and ESBA) - do a bit on the history of these. Ottoman Empire, WW1 and 1960.

    UNFICYP - the UN operation since 1964 and the Turkish invasion in 1974.

    Find out what bits of REME support these SBAs and the UN operation.

    Mention the role Cyprus plays in sp Afghan ops incl the airbridge and decompression.

    Lob in adv trg, sun, sea and sand.
  4. It abit cold over here at the mo, Snow on Troodos, cypriots are mostly *****!
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Shh! Don't let on.
  6. Remember to mention the huge communication dishes at Ayios Nikolaos (JSSU Cyp) and that they are not used in any way, shape or form to eavesdrop on our dusky skinned neighbours.
  7. I only go on two forums ,and your on the other one too, thats spooky!
  8. Brotherton lad that is!
  9. well if you believe the ACIO, all they do is sunbath, waterski, and spend the evenings politely mixing with the locals over a few keo's. ( although thats not just reme thats everyone)

    not to mention wanking like a demented loon, at the totty on nipple beach, when staging on at cape greco
  10. Be careful, you'll get a lot of nostalgic guff from when those that write last visitied the island and it's constantly changing and I should add reducing. If you have DII you could look up a counterpart in 48 ES Coy, in COSU, what was Joint Force Wksp Cyprus. The ESBA Wksp did become 84 CS Pl of the main Wksp when virtually all REME on island were centralised, but I heard that the ESBA has been stripped out even more. I even read up about the Russian's managing to secure the licence to build a Disney theme park up at Pyla, god knows where they'll get the water from, it's the biggest issue for the island, other than the politics. More recently I also read something about the Isrealis interested in the oil and gas research going on and as there's an associated security issue, they offered to put thousands of troops on the island, that'll go down a treat with some.
  11. Its a REME battalion thats on Op Tosca (United Nations Peacekeeping) just now for the first and probably last time
  12. Aside from the REME being the current URR on Op TOSCA (sector 2, UNFICYP), there has always been a REME presence within Sector 2. There's a PID for a metalsmith on every tour, and often the "mountain bike mechanic" PID is REME filled.

    I beleive it is the first time REME have provided the URR, so it is no doubt a special time in your history.
  13. Also due to it being a Hybrid Bn 50% of the manning power out there is TA, a sign of things to come?