Help Regarding Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by hopeful_dragoon, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I have just started my applications for Officer training. I have always wanted to join the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards but I'm a bit worried I will never become one because of the uncertainty of the RAC. I have read on these forums about the Scots DG being scrapped or merged with the Royal Regiment of Scotland to form a multi-role brigade. If I do get into RMAS then that probably wont be until Jan 2013 and if I pass out it wont be until 2014. So given that, does anyone have any ideas where the Scots DGs are heading and do you think they will still exist by then? The last thing I want is to start the whole process and then have my dream of being in the Scots DG dashed - Im not exactly keen on the RRS. I asked my ACA but he didnt know. Obviously no one knows for sure but some will have a better idea.

    Much Obliged
  2. I don't think you have what it takes for the RRS anyway.
  3. Scots DG will be amalgamating with RDG and QDG to form The Dragoons, capbadge may survive as it is the sexiest, but you will have to master the Fijian language to converse with the Fiji DG's.
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  4. Well that would be perfect. My father worked in Fiji when I was younger so i lived there for about 5 years. Do you know when this will be happening roughly?
  5. Agreed RDG badge is kak but QDG one is streets ahead of Scots DG and we do not need the Waterloo bit the QDG know that thier ancestors were at that battle.
  6. Surprised you call yourself a Tankie if you were Cav, didnt think that was a Cav thing dont you know. To the OP, how long is a piece of string?
  7. I have a long and complicated history, best summed up as Yeomanry, Cavalry, Tankie, Yeomanry.

    The one bit that was common was the connection with loverly lumps of metal that sometimes moved and sometimes went bang.
  8. Lots of Cav in there.
  9. Yep but also lots of tanks, if they had not been mechanised, I might have called myself BokkaHorsie!
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  10. And you got that from where? Sounds like speculation at best and absolute bollocks at worst.

    Are you saying that the remaining Hussar and Lancer regiments will also amalgamate.
  11. Now, now, I have been prothesising HCR, Dragoons, Hussars, Lancers and Tank for a long time. One per shiny new brigade.

    Inside track is that if your cap badge has an eagle you are OK.
  12. Educated yes, realistic, no (but then one never really knows). Most likely option if RAC regiments are amalgamated is that it will be internal within the RAC. To date (as far as I am aware) we have not amalgamated outside corps boundaries. Scottish Yeomanry and Scots DG is another question.
  13. I never said it wouldnt happen just that nothing has been decided yet. The Op seemed to be telling us it WAS happening, ie had been announced etc etc, which it hasnt. Seeing as a potential recruit was asking a reasonably valid question i thought it only fair to point out that the answer that he had been given although sounding official certainly wasn't.
  14. TARA stop winding the young man up.

    To the original poster, currently there are no plans for the SCOTS DG to be amalgamated with the RDG , QDG or indeed anyone else. Certainly there will be some changes to army structures in the future which may or may not effect SCOTS DG (and for that matter any other combat arms regiments).

    The multirole brigades will each include infantry and RAC regiments/battalions and the formation of multirole brigades is not planned in a way which would result in an amalgamation of RAC regiments with infantry battalions.

    There are other threads which discuss multirole brigades and the future of the RAC and Infantry, but much of the material within is speculation and personal views, interspersed with the few known facts.

    By way of background, what is known (in as much as anything can be certain in this day and age) is that the RAC will drop from 11 to 10 regiments (due to the loss of the specialist CBRN role hitherto conducted by 1RTR). The RTR is naturally keen to retain its two regiments (1RTR and 2RTR), as many would see the logical thing to do being to amalgamate the two RTR regiments into a single unit: "The RTR" (therefore no loss of capbadge). As a result, a rumour is being pushed about that the SCOTS DG will be the regiment to go by amalgamating it with either QDG or RDG. In actual fact there is no firm decision as to who will go, but most would agree (given the political pressures involved) that the option of amalgamating the two RTRs and passing the excess manpower around the rest of the RAC is most likely as it would enable the government to deny that the army had lost a regiment (by which they would mean capbadge) and at the same time retain some good will in Scotland by not getting rid of such an overtly Scottish regiment (in name and recruiting area at least).

    As always there is a degree of rubbish printed in the media, because (perhaps through no fault of their own) journalists do not understand military terminology and so quite often get the wrong end of the stick.
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