help re council houseing needed

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by jaggybunnet0, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    I need some help/advice

    I left the army not long ago and due to circumstances I have not been able to get a job (Yet) and so was not able to buy a house and so went on the council list.

    We were instructed to visit the council offices ( 02 April 09) and hand in our institution of legal proceedings for possession of our army quarter (eviction notice).When we did this we were informed by the council officer that it would be at least 3 years before they offered us a council house as the demand is so great.

    They said we would have to go into Temp accommodation which would be private Rental which due to my army pension (not as much as you would think) I would have to pay for it myself.

    The company that the council deals with offered us one for £750 a month. It was disgusting with carpets ripped up, doors smashed and the people who had it before had a dog which had messed on the carpets, remember this is a private rental that I am going to have to pay for not through benefits.

    If it was a council house which I could be spending the rest of my life in I would have taken it and done it up with my own money, buts it is not it is a private rental which (if the house price go up I could be asked to move out of in 3 months..

    I have a wife and two kids who are as stressed out as I am.

    What I want/need to know is what can I do?

    Am I better to hit the council each day till they get fed up and give me a house and if so has this worked for anyone. By that I mean get a council house not temp accommodation.

    I have been to CAB and they could only tell me what I know already.

    i have been to saffa, can only offer cash help with deposit for private rental which is not the problem at the moment.

    Haighomes application in, we will get back to you????

    vetrans scotland, as possability

    Many thanks
  2. Also: this may not actually be of practical help but you may find something useful among them. The previous poster seems to have given you a good lead though. Sorry to hear about your plight but keep your chin up. Get on that phone and find out what you can. :wink:

    You could try to get hold of a local TRBL Caseworker and ask him or her to come round to see you.

    Contact Royal British Legion Scotland
    New Haig House
    Logie Green Road
    EH7 4HR

    Telephone 0131 557 2782
    Fax: 0131 557 5819

    Shelter, Scotland Directory

    For urgent housing advice

    0808 800 4444 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

    SSAFA Forces Help's Housing Advisory Service

    SSAFA offer advice ranging from disabled ex-Service people and their spouses capable of independent living, separated or estranged families looking for temporary supported accommodation, rough sleepers and many more. The Housing Advisory Service encompasses Housing Law and Housing related issues, and offers free, confidential and impartial guidance. For more information visit the website or you can reach their housing advisor by calling 020 7463 9398.

    Veterans-UK pages

    Joint Service Housing Advice Office

    Headquarters Land Forces

    Erskine Barracks




    SP2 0AG

    Tel: Civ: 01722 436575
    Mil: 94331 2575
    Fax:01722 436577

    Email: [/size]
  3. thats for england because of devalution it dosnt work in scotland and i have only points from when i was classed as homeless.....
  4. Jaggy, contact your local SSAFA office again. They can not only help you apply for funding for a deposit for a private let. They can also ensure you are getting all the help available in benefits. Including, housing benefit and council tax.

    edited to add: Which area of God's Land are you in. I have contacts with properties in certain areas and there may be others on here with contacts elsewhere. PM me if you don't want to say in open forum.
  5. Defo speak to RBL(S) and SAAFA, my uncle has been out 30 years and due to current circumstances had to move quickly.

    3 phone calls and sorted, who is your local council authority?
  6. Forgot to say, treat Scottish Veterans Garden City Housing with caution. They do not look after their properties or tenants. I know two people in their properties and they are left until everything becomes an actual emergency before they get an reply from their factor. Oh and a 3rd person I know of had to sue them to get moved out of a property riddled with damp.