HELP........Quarters around Chatham

I'm new on here so be gentle.

I'm re-joining into God's Corps either as fitter (acr) or POM. What I need to know is what are the chances of getting a quarter whilst in training as according to the MOD and DHE criteria I am eligible, (finished initial training, be at dutystation for 6 months or more, blah, blah).

Also, could anyone recommend any area`s bearing in mind we have a 3 year old girl. :?:

Cheers in advance.

As far as im aware the quarters in chatham are right opposite the main camp.

But medway is a dump full of chavs, so better off going home at weekends than living here.

Hope that helps...
lived at sallyport gardens pal when i was young & married +1, be aware idf you get one they are very very small.
I had a couple out the back '85, 98. Small as Knocker says and easy for camp. That's if they are still MQ's. I had my initial quarter whilst I was on my Class 1 ftrs course and kept it whilst I was serving over at RSME wksps.
remounter said:
Thanks alot guy's. So I take it that invicta park is the only ones that are worth asking for ?
that's a new area to me, that not maidstone????

great lines, sally-port gardens, singapore drive
Singapore Drive houses are alright, biggish back gardens, tiny bathrooms, kitchens an ok size but b*gger all work surface or cupboard space, utility room for putting washing machine and other general crap in. Big enough lounge/dining room, decent sized bedrooms. Sallyport Gardens houses are, as already said, pretty small. There's some flats and houses on Brompton Barracks as well but I've no idea what they are like inside.
I lived in Sallyport garden massive garden and thats where the plus points end. The DHE nobbers there will try to fob you of with any sh1t state house they can, stick to your guns with them if its crap don't take it if it's dirty don't take it they tried it all when i got there I still ended up in a rabbit hutch. Be very wary.
Houses on Great Lines were good had no prob with them, Invicta park ones were condemmed when I lived in them in mid 90's and due for demolition (were still occupied last year).
Used to be a huge boot fair every weekend on Great lines and had a VW rally every once in a while.

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