Help - Posting pref? Whos based in Cyprus?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by muddysmrs, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Can some kind soul enlighten me on who's based in Cyprus at the mo?
    We need to put in our pref posting and would like to know who's out there so we can put it down....Cheers me dears xx
  2. I'm here, who in particular would you like to know about?
  3. Anyone! Lol...
    We're based in Aldershot at the moment...and I so wanna get out!
    I think the posting pref's changed a little and we need to specify a unit. He's REME so we can get 'attached' to anyone really - he's done Engineers and Logistics so far....
  4. Check your pm's
  5. HES reme, so HE can get attached to anyone.

    So for HIS posting pref, tell him to put cyprus lol.
  6. Preference of posting?2 years at SHAPE without getting jailed or even charged-miracle.Rupert advised me,after being told I wanted Singapore,Cyprus,or Gib,not to quote BFPO's."Use geographical areas" quoth Rupert the bear,"Far East,Middle East,Near East".Gullible twat that I was,I believed him,and ended up in Hameln.When I queried it,was told "it's pretty far east in West Germany"!Lottery :roll: