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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by saltman147, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. hi im new just to introduce my self im george im 15 years old and am i applying for the army in febuary. this is where i need your help, preferably from infantry soldiers and royal engineers.
    i really want to go infantry and try for PWRR but i know i could do better than infantry and get a trade but i dont think i will enjoy engineering as much as infantry. please could you give me some personal experiences if you have served in either of the two or even both :D .

    if this is in the wrong forum please move it :bom:
  2. You could always try other trades in the Army:

    Royal Signals
    Royal Logistics (where you could train to be a chef or driver etc)

    Go to the army website ( or your local careers office which would be in your local city.
  3. Not sure about this; this is what i've heard from my mate but it was passing conversation so i might have heard wrong.

    He says he's becoming an infantry soldier in the engineers; and he's going for PWRR.

    Don't know if you can, i'm sure someone can confirm it or (un?)confirm it here. Doesn't sound likely to me though.
  5. cant you be attached to units though? I am going for sigs and i know you can there, so im not sure about REME's

    Example of a REME trade:
    "The Royal Engineers have their own Commandos, Parachutists, Army Divers, Bomb Disposal and Amphibious Engineers, and you will have the opportunity to serve in any of these specialised roles provided you display the right level of fitness, aptitude and determination."
  6. mate if you want a trade behind you but also want to be attatched to an infantry regiment, once you pass your training, get your trade behind you and spend some time at your unit. speak to someone about doing p company
  7. You mentioned you could do better then the infantry, but in what way?

    Are you mentally and physically strong?

    Or are you intelligent and a fast learner?

    All the information you need is on the army jobs website, it's down do you to research the infos.
  8. well im of a decent build and fitness however i could go engineers or logistics (better trade/life) but i dont think i would enjoy it as much. i know it sounds stupid, but im joining to see some action, how much would you see in the engineers?
  9. as a sapper, you can see a lot.

    there are engineer sections in the fobs in afgan, so you can expect action.

    we work with everybody. you can apply for 23 or 24 engineer regiments, which are the paras and commandos respectively. they do a lot of infantry work, and are expected to work next to the paras and marines so they do a lot of infantry stuff.

    49 squadron, in 33 regiment, also contains para and commando trained personnel. 33 is the bomb disposal regiment, and they also supply guys to work with paras and commandos. they also do a lot of infantry skills.

    during phase 2 as an engineer you will be asked for a posting preference, and if you say 23 or 24 you will be guarenteed to be allowed to attempt the relevant courses.

    even as a regular sapper, you can deploy in support of infantry battalions. we literally are everywhere. the head sheds try and send out an engineer with every patrol nowadays, so we are busy people.

  10. Are you taking the biscuit? REME is not RE!

    The RE do a variety of different tasks, in many different areas of the battlefield so in theory you can do as little or as much soldiering as you like (so to speak, depending on where you are needed).

    One section could be setting up and manning a water point with a whole battalion and its attachments moving through and refilling with the clean water you have now provided and stored, the next could be attached to infantry on a fighting patrol blowing holes through compound walls ready for the infantry to smash through and hit the enemy. Sappers do an awful lot, you certainly won't be bored.

    Just so people understand what the corps actually does, in a nutshell:
    -Basic Field Engineering
    -Basic Construction
    -Mine Warfare
    -Water supply (nato water point)
    -Watermanship (boats and such)
    -DEMOLITIONS (queue erection)
    -Trackway/route maintenance
    -Field fortifications
  11. thanks to all that have replyed, a lot of very helpful information.
    i am quite intrested in demolition, however i have searched the RE trades and cannot find a demoliton one. if there is one can you tell me please.

    thanks george :)
  12. royal engineers do 3 roles.

    we do our phase 1 infantry training,
    phase 2a combat engineering
    phase 2b trade course

    demolitions is part of the combat engineer course, and all royal engineers do it.
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