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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by steveo1987, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. can anyone help with this.My grandfather was killed 22-01-1945 in operation blackcock around the sittard area of holland.he served in the RAMC (157 field amb) service No 7371334.I was wanting to know where I can find futher details of his record,when he joined up,what other operations he was involved in etc and I really do not know where to start looking.I would appreciate any help or advice from anyone who could let me know where to look or which regiment to contact for any information.Thanks
  2. many thanks Gheluvelt
  3. Thanks for that,brilliant help
  4. Get a copy of his war record as suggested, then when you find the exact details of when and where he was killed, you can obtain a copy of the units war diary to cover that period which should mention it.
  5. Amongst this lot are several places offering reprints of 'Mountain and Flood', 52nd (Lowland) Division's history.

    The Div's three Field Ambulances and three infantry brigades share the same numbering: 155, 156, 157. It's possible that 157 Fd Amb followed 157 Inf Bde, though theArmy may have thought otherwise.

    Had a quick look at 'Mountain and Flood' and 22 Jan 45 is not specifically mentioned. However, 5th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers of 157 Inf Bde had a "grim day" in the face of a Tiger-led counterattack on the 21st.