help please!

this is probably a question for any guardsmen out there but help from anyone would be appreciated. my son is getting married and he has asked me to whiten up his rather shabby looking old buff belt, problem is im ex REME and haven't got a clue!!! i've tried google but can't find anything!

can anyone help?


Is it a proper buff belt or one of those **** plastic jobbies?

I use kiwi trainer whitener on my buff belt. You can also use after shave to remove small marks/touch up after putting the brasses on etc.

If it's a real buff and it looks shiney and feels smooth then it might need scrubbing down to remove the old whitener and to roughen the belt up abit. As any guardsman will tell you, a rough buff is a good buff.

Not very detailed i know, but feel free to PM me and i'll try and knock up a decent set of instructions/better worded advice

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