Help Please

I need someones help in items of dress. I have been lucky enough to be posted this summer to somewhere nice and hot and have been told to get hold of No 6 dress and No7 dress. I understand that No7 dress is the normal working dress uniform and I beleive it is stone in colour? am i correct?

Also, in regard to the no6 dress, do i wear a shirt under the jacket and can i get the tailor to make one jacket short sleeved?

Does anyone also know roughly how long they take to be delivered to unit once ordered? I am in the Army and serve in BFG at the moment.

Cheers for any help
I'd imagine best bet would be to wait until you arrive before getting a jacket tailored, it would be typical for it to be against the local RSMs ideals and for you to find out after you've had it done.

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