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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lockedandloaded, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. I am discharging from the army tomorow, monday. I am doing this because I dont like the infantry and want to join a different corps, but I didnt want to transfer because i would like a few months to improve my fitness etc. which i cant do in hook coy. I am just wondering how long i have to wait to re apply, help greatly appriceated

    thanks :D
  2. Try on Tuesday!
  3. Sounds a bit doddgy discharing to work on fitness rather than transfeering.

    If you are that unfit you find army fittness an issue you are only going to be able to do couple of hours hard training a day anyway which you could surely do in the army. If you could utilse a full days training you would be far beyond the fittness required. The army are not the sharpest but I dont think they would buy that. If they want you they will suspend disbelif. I dont know your real reason but unless that is an accepted excuse I would think of a plausable one.
  4. it all depends whats on your discharge paperwork, if you had exemplary service and what Army Reg you were disharged under. It also depends on if you had passed phase 1, phase 2 training and if the Senior Recruiter/SPSO etc thoght you were worth taking a risk (seeing you just got out).
    If you are trying to Re-enlist into a different Arm the new SPSO at Glasgow must decide all this and it is trickier if your not going to go into the same job. If you do get accepted it is up to them what training you need to do again, so if ou passed out phase 1 they might just send you to trade training if re-joining within the year.
    Its quite complicated but remember second time round you cant DOAR and may after do recruit selecton at the ADSC again, its not just an automatic entry.
  5. You may find that you are recommended for re-enlistmnt but after a certain waiting period.

    What exactly is Hook Coy? I thought that there was a Coy in Catterick that looked after backsquadders whose fitness was not up to scratch - though I could be wrong.

    If fitness is your only worry I would have thought it would be better to stay there and use the Army to build on it whilst putting in an application to transfer.
  6. Thats not always the case though, when I was recruiting it depended on if the new desk officer wanted to take the risk and also if So2 thought it was worth the risk. if they gave up in the first place why give them the benefit of another go when others going through the application process were having to wait for trade places. You sound like your a recruiter so your aware that MCM surprises you with waiting periods, I had a couple of lads who were back in after a few months and others after 18 months depending on write up.

    Im a bit dubious like you with Hook Coy remarks so dont think this coul be a quick 203 Special enlistment andmight well be long and drawn out and maybe a return to ADSC.
    One point earlier I didnt mention if your back into apply for re-enlistment and accepted before 12 months you shouldnt require the medical.

    As flying handbag says I wouldnt DAOR at this point but speak to the CofC and ask for the RCMO advice on transferring(if you have the grades, TST and BARB score you need.
  7. If you want to transfer do it in Hook Coy. they won't bite your head off. as the iron said you loose your DAOR right if you get out and rejoin. Make shure that you meet the criteria of the Corps that you join. You will probably have to under go a BARB test again.

  8. Was HQ Coy at the Dukes not also called Hook?
  9. Are you recovering from an injury?

    There is a danger that future recruiters might look askance at you and wonder whether you are a time waster.

    If you want to apply for a different corps you will need to arrive at the careers office knowing everything about them and express very clear and positive reasons why you want to join them. It will help if you know exactly what job you want to do within the corps. You will need to show a lot of enthusiasm.

    I don't know what it is like now, but it always used to be incredibly difficult to transfer out of the infantry as a private soldier - you would either be lied to and told bluntly that "You do not have the right to transfer" or your application would make it no further than 'File 13' usually the Sergeant Major's waste paper basket.

    If you are entirely serious about transfering you might do better to return to civ div and then re-apply. But you will need to really 'sell yourself'.
    Be prepared to be knocked back, in which case your options will be limited to RAF or RN.
  10. Hook Coy is the discharge/transfer section at ITC Catterick.