Help please!

Good evening all! I am posing on this forum for the first time as I seek advice! I have always had an interest in the army, and so after University I went through the officer selection route only to be recently politely told by AOSB, to sod off!
Any way, I have recently moved to Woolwich in London, and have made the decision to explore the TA option, as well as RMR. Could any one give me any information on the entry process etc as the website has only limited onformation.
Any information would be gratefully recieved!

welcome to the world, that is arrse! prepare to be abused, and you'll do fine.

what capbadge did you want to join as a reg?
would you still like to persue that dream?
what do you want to do with your life?
what degree you got??
gotany land? money?? polo ponies??

because there is always the FTRS route in as a TA officer.
sod off never to return, or sod off for 6 months? Major difference. Nevertheless there is more to life than a commission, and many ways you can get involved. Being in London a major bonus too.
Hi, you're clearly not officer material yet if you're pleading for help on this site. The best thing you can do is to enlist as a private soldier in the nearest TA centre to you and work your way up from there. Just enter Territorial Army in a search engine and get a telephone number from there, then chat to anyone involved with recruiting; they're usually pretty helpful. Watch your spelling here as elsewhere if you have aspirations to be an officer, unless you really are 'posing' on this site, or you will 'recieve' (receive!) a cool welcome.
Thankyou all!
Yes I realise that i'll get chewed up for bad grammar and spelling on here, just like at AOSB! I'ts a "sod off" for 6 months-it seemed to be that all the lads who had passed AOSB all had their 'foot in the door,' having been in TA, RMR or UOTC. Either that or they were private school boys!

I'll no doubt go back for another go at some point in my life but think that the TA would be a good opportunity and experience I cannot afford to miss, or so I believe.

I am in particular looking at either the local RA regiment (Woolwich) or 4 Para.

My degree is in social science.

I am seeking a challenge; perhaps something which could help my long-term officer aspirations.

Hope this gives you a better picture. Once again thanks for the help.
what did you get deferred for? I got a cat 2 12 months due to fitness. I joined the TA as soon as I returned from Westbury as a bit of a stop gap and now I think I may stay and pursue my officer ambitions through the TA. (If I'm allowed!!! lol)



If you are planning on going back fairly soon, think about whether you join the TA as a potential officer or soldier.

Both have their merits, but you will probably get more basic soldiering done as a Pte than as a PO. Check the other threads for the timelines for TAPO training.

PM me if you want details about 4 Para. The rest of Arrse are bored to death we me answering the same questions on here!

I did the RBC briefing in May and managed to get a cat-1, and have just returned from the main board. Suprised I failed as I did well in most areas, although the education advisor ridiculed me for 30 mins!
Any way, thanks for the help. I think 4 Para as a Pte will be challenging and fun and I'll see how I get on from there.

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