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I'm on a CCF camp and I've been set an impossible task by the RSM. For tommorrow I have to find out what full marching order is for serving personnell (not cadets) and what the initial kit issue is for soldiers and officers! I'm posting off a mobile but anyone that can help please post as soon as you can.....please


Webbing For Exercises And Deployments
The old system of CEMO (Combat Equipment Fighting Order) and CEFO (Combat Equipment Marching Order) is out and has been for some time. Pack your kit according to the new system and pack it the same way every time so you know where things are without searching. Below is the new system.

Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE)
PLCE is divided into three orders of dress:

Assault Order.
Combat Order.
Marching Order.
The exact division of items between these different orders of dress will vary with a unit’s role, the task at hand and the concern of all Commanders that their men do not go into battle overloaded with unnecessary stores and equipment.

Assault Order
This consists of the essentials ammunition, water bottle, entrenching tool hand (ETH), helmet and NBC clothing (if required but not worn) for operations and patrols of only short duration (less than 24 hours).

Ammunition: 6 magazines of 30 rounds, 2 grenades (1 x L2A1; 1 x L84), 150 rounds (bandolier)
Weapon cleaning roll.
NBC clothing and equipment. To be carried in one of the detachable sidepouches of the rucksack. The respirator is carried in its own haversack.
Water bottle, cup and ETH.
Note: Not shown are radios, command equipment (binoculars, etc.), Troop ammunition, e.g, rifle grenades, 94 mm LAW, explosives.

Combat Order
This is assault order with the means of stowage for rations and personal equipment to enable a soldier to live and fight for 24 hours. In addition to assault order, the following is carried inside the second side pouch of the rucksack:

Two meals from the 24 hour ration pack contained in one mess tin, hexamine cooker, knife fork and spoon (KFS).
A pair of socks, headover, gloves, washing and shaving kit, towel, foot powder and other minor items.
One extra layer of clothing for the top half of the body and gortex jacket.

Marching Order
This is combat order plus rucksack and is a load which will be required for an operation of up to two weeks duration without re-supply except for ammunition, rations and water.

Combat order complete (as before)
Rucksack and utility straps less side pouches empty
Waterproof trousers gortex
Sleeping bag
bivi bag
Pair boots
95 shirt and trousers
2 x Pairs under pants (short)
CW vest (long sleeved)
2 x Pair socks
CW Liner and trouser liners (softie type)
Remainder of 24 hr ration pack
Mess tins
Sleeping mat
Boot cleaning brush (small)
Tin boot polish (small)
On deployment you will also have a kit bag for personal items and a comfort box to store possessions not regularly used.
Thanks remf.
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hope that helps it is from a part of the website, but gone are the days when you will stick to what is written down. you will be carring items that you will have found over the years work better for you. I.E. softie jacket not the cheap issue ones, some proper cw underwear and anything else you can think of, but don't forget it's yours and you carry it so don't pack like you are leaving home. :)

in the real world, high intensity war situation: once out of trg, bin the bergan side pockets to use as anything but bergan side pockets, get a proper 30/40 lt daysack that is easy to take stuff in & out (like nbc suits-always great fun with jetpacks only) & get some extra utility pouches for your webbing to put some of the bits & bobs in that the book says should be in the second side pocket in combat order (enough kit in webbing for 24hrs). the ETH will live in your bergan, unless you know you will need it when you aint got the bergan, in which case it goes in your daysack.

counter insurgency situation (like Iraq, with vehicle support) : assault vest & maybe daysack with enough kit for patrol only & the odd bit of emergency gear.
On deployment you will also have a kit bag for personal items and a comfort box to store possessions not regularly used.
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I'm not convinced with this thread. Unless your razzman is a complete chopper. No-ones gonna bother typing the full 1157 either.
Sounds to me like 5.56 has been down the gym a bit of late - wondered where he'd got to.....................
Battsimm said:
Sounds to me like 5.56 has been down the gym a bit of late - wondered where he'd got to.....................
isn't he spending his time trying to earn that highly prized ACF rank :D
BBear said:
Acf + Weights = RM cadets.

Which camp are you on?
Nah I got off CCF camp yesterday. I go to cadets out of school too which is the booty_cadet thing. I got a camp in a bit with them down in Swynnerton.

Thanks conductor.

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