Help please!!!

Supposed to be going to STANTA next week.

Supposed to be staying at Camp in or near STANTA

I think the name of the Camp is Rafin Raffen or something like that.

Anyone heard of it, i believe its a TA / ACF Camp
putteesinmyhands said:
Sounds like Wretham - south west of STANTA
Probably it thanks,
dont suppose you know the address
polar69 said:
Ah but Wretham A or B , that is the question :p

Take it the joining instrutions / admin order are on some shineys desk then :)
Not really,
Supposed to be assisting with training some TA units prior to i believe deployment on TELIC.

As usual its a fast ball. After spending the last 24hrs getting Kit and Soldiers ready The really efficient Offr in charge doesnt know where were going. Typical eh?

Wretham A or B are they near each other?
Am moving to stanta this coming week for optag package, I am not sure which part we are going to.
Does anybody know what the camp is like?
Wretham camp from what I remember is best described as small, the accomadation is post WW2 nissan huts which are basic to say the least , non of your ensuite bathroom here, 10 man rooms with a heater at each end. Ablutions are a short walk from the blocks, the majority of buildings are prefabricated asbestos things. There is a parade square amd a naafi / bar and there is a mess

Thats about it really , the sort of place you go wen you are about to spend weeks living rough on Stanta

Hope this helps ?
spigot said:
Am moving to stanta this coming week for optag package, I am not sure which part we are going to.
Does anybody know what the camp is like?
See you there.
you probably will Gmonster,

thanks for the heads up polar69. I better pack the warmer doss bag then.


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Wretham A and B are next to each other - pretty much the same camp, really.

Nearest town - Thetford (they share eyeballs in Thetford, and monobrows are common). About 10 or 12 miles, I think.

There is a pub not far from the main gate.

The camp is ancient, but well preserved. You can still see the remains of the WW2 runways around it.

The strange smells will be from the large number of intensive battery chicken buildings nearby.

Have fun
Happy memories from Wretham A and B. My first UK camp was there in 1975. The Bn returned in 79 with a regular CO who had heard that the TA liked a beer. Every night (when we weren't out on exercise) was a formal mess function, and the subbies were literally running from the wpns checks to change for dinner and then staying up till the alcoholic CO left at two in the morning before getting up for muster at 0700. The last morning the drums platoon snook up to the subbies block and then burst into the charlie reveille - I'll swear there were heart attacks in that building. God bless Drum Major Bill Crook, may he rest in peace. Puttees do you remember the mortar cadre in '81. You were one of the chaps who 'forgot' the base plate and went back later to retrieve it.

Thetford is a good training area I hope you make your own memories from that wonderful place.
Where do I start?

The accommodation isn't post WW2 vintage - my dad was there (East Wretham Camp - now known as Wretham B) during 1944. I described it to him 1978 and it sounded the same. My son went with the ACF a couple of years ago and it still hadn't changed.

I remember taking part in a section attack on the house opposite the camp as a result of some sod in there taking pot shots at the guard with an air rifle. The police were called but seemed to consider the gate guard as fair game.

Mushroom: you are mistaken. Our sojourn at Wretham coincided with me either taking or resitting my 1st year degree exams in 1978 (I forget which, and hence which month). Our nice OC allowed me to spend time revising by fixing me up with BOC for the first week - I missed the second week due to the exams. As a result, I didn't play soldiers (though ended up clerking 16 hours a day). Shame really, as I failed the exams, anyway. Also, although I've done No.3, No.2, ACPO and MFC, somehow I missed out on No.1, so I can't have been responsible for the baseplate. I do admit to losing a Land Rover and Conbat, also in 1979 I think, but as it belonged to D Coy, I wasn't over worried. I don't actually remember going to Wretham in 1981 - I think this was the year that I joined the Royal Anglians and missed camp because nobody invited me.

1978 was the year that somebody soaked a mattress and left it over the pot-bellied stove to dry out during the day's training. At about 11am, smoke was seen emanating from the doors and windows, resulting in the fire piquet being called out, further resulting in all the mattresses (and more) getting thoroughly soaked. We slept outside that night because of the stink of burnt mattress.

Back to the present, don't forget to wave to the cadets next weekend as they will be just up the road.
How time plays tricks, but you are wrong. 78 was Griffins Galore the 5FF exercise in Germany, the one where we took the Bn to Hamburg for R&R on that train. You may recall I have particular reasons to remember that trip. 79 was Thetford, an exercise called Northern Foray.

Can't wave at the chaps as I leave for Poland in about two hours time.
Mushroom, you may be almost right. 1979 would fit in with my second resit - I resat the exams in 1978 and 1979 (both with the same result). As the Camp was split into 1 week of training and one week of exercise, I missed the exercise part.
As far as 1981 is concerned, I started work down south in July but still did the camp with 1 Yorks as I hadn't found a unit to transfer to (the nearest unit was The Queens Regiment and there was no way I was going to join a unit with a name like that - besides, they were Home Defence and never went abroad). That was the last time I trained with B Coy. As I went south after the camp (which therefore must have been at Wretham), rather than north, I ended up with the webbing. (I've still got it, just in case somebody shows up with a 1033).
Notwithstanding that, by this time I was a MFC, so I wouldn't have been involved with a baseplate. You must be confusing me with Sid.
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