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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shaun1, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. yes just need help im worried to hell about my medical i dont like guys touching my dick so i just need to ask if anyone knows if they pull back your foreskin at asdc medical????
  2. Yes of course.
  3. If you tell them your concerns, they will get a female to do it with her lips.
  4. oh god ... thanks :/
  5. You won't be looking forward to the prostate examination then.
  6. Sunday has soon come around again.....................................................
  7. And stick a swab up your japs eye :cyclopsani:
  8. no but really do they ? withought the jokes ight guys/girls
  9. hahah i dont i just dont fancy that experiance or my spelling getting asked about hahah
  10. eff this one erm i think i have the herps but i dunno how the **** tht could happen i was like 12 not had any sexxytime when tht happend like with spots round my penis head and thats why im scared they could see it and like say i can NEVER join the army :(
  11. Meh. Poor wind up. 2/10

    And I had such high hopes for 2013.
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  12. so what can i do ... ? im so scared they will say i can never join its the only thing ive ever wanted to do (army) and im shit at school so my life will be fucked if i cant get in ... :(
  13. Don't worry about your dick, they only touch it to move it out of the way while they examine your testicles for lumps. And don't worry about the prostate exam, you don't have to stand naked and bend over for that any more, you get to lie on your side with your knees up by your chest - far more comfortable.
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  14. thank you so much mate :) such a relief so i take it the stick a fingur up your arse and feel your nut?
  15. Then peel things back slowly.
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Not open for further replies.