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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scoobish, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    My daughter entered a photography competition in the States via the interweb. The competition closed 2 days ago and she won!
    The American magazine have now decided that they're extending the closing date (unfairly, to the 4th of July). All because a talented young English photographer beat the American photographers at their own game...

    If any of you guys have a spare few minutes and wouldn't mind helping out a squaddie's daughter, would you mind going here please:

    And vote for my daughter Chloe Isherwood?
    Best regs
    Ish (4bty R.A.)

    Cheers guys n girls.
  2. Done.

    Shove it up 'em!
  3. Done. But when you read the small print they say that the peoples vote is separate from the proper judges.
  4. The confirmation link no worky, and the link doesn't copy and paste, so sorry, no can do.
  5. Just go to your address bar and type in that http address by hand.
  6. I voted, no probs. Any pics of her that are, a bit more er, artistic?
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  7. Is it a self portrait?
  8. Done Waiting for confermation mail
  9. Bugger! Too late. Already voted for my mate Norm a couple of days ago.
  10. The link worked fine for me. Done.
  11. Could we not wheel tropper out to set-up a FB-grenade?
  12. Done, any idea who the three judges are? Might give some idea about any agenda?
  13. Done.