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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by SCUBA-Babe, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have recently taken over as Detachment Commander of an RA badged ACF detachment. All my previous experience has been with the infantry so I'm flying a bit blind.

    Could any of you possibly help with a couple of questions?

    Firstly the cadets are split into several sections, at the moment they are 1, 2, 3 sec but I would like to have the sections named - could any of you please suggest some good RA linked names? I'd like them to be of a particular type i.e Famous Battles, VC winners, equipment etc.

    Secondly I have the dubious honour of being an Under Officer; this is a holding appt whilst I complete the commissioning process. At the moment I wear a white tab around my Rank slide (which makes me look like a fig11 target). Does anyone know of a reason for this to be a different colour? E.g. my R sigs counterparts wear blue tabs.

    Lastly it is possible that I have to appear in No 2's next week for a presentation. Could anyone advise me of any embellishments that I need? E.g. lanyard, guns on arms etc. I currently have a blue hat with Red band around it, is this the correct one? Also should I be wearing the regular metal cap badge on it?

    Sorry for seemingly bone questions but I am hitting the ground running here and I don't want to embarrass myself or my new regiment.

    Kind Regards

  2. You could try asking this in the Army Cadet Force forum at: Army Cadet Force They'll be keen to help.
  3. SB,

    Find out which regular regiment recruits in your area, do a bit of research into their history and draw some section names. PM me if you need any help.


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  4. Perhaps you could find out which RA regiment recruits from your local area, and use some of their particular Regtl/Bty history as your guide for naming the sections?...Good Luck!

    Goatbag...You beat me to it mate, but great minds think alike as they say!!
  5. T_T,

    Yes they do!


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    Twitter: @goatbagthedruid

    "When the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table"
  6. Hi SB, got your PM and will send the aide memoire shortly

    But to answer some questions

    Famous name, Battles, VC winners, seriously there is too many to mention, remember we have only one battle honour, Ubique, this means everywhere. Individiual Btys have Battle Honour titles and often name troops after events in their history, that is Bty history.

    As for VCs, there are 62 of them to pick from

    Under Officer is not a rank recognised, IMHO, by the Army so you are on a bit of a sticky wicket when it comes to uniform. Officer Cadets exsist with units in the TA and they are essentially Gunners treated slightly differently (called Mr Smith instead of "oi Smithy", some units allow O/Cdts to eat in the mess etc) as for uniform, they wear the same as Gunners with no rank on, the rank is only worn on C95.

    But essentially if you have 2's its the same as everyone else except bombs on collars (6 flames) and a white lanyard worn on the right sholuder. The red and blue hat is correct however, as I am asuming you are female, make sure you ave the female hat not the mens (assuming you also have female 2's as well), oh yeah and the hats buttons should have guns on as should the buttons on your tunic, you would probably get away with other regiments buttons in a photo or at a distance, but if you ar eunlucky to have a pedantic sod (like me) there then things may be mentioned.

    as for the white band, blue band, no idea
  7. Thanks for all your help guys.

    Lots of food for thought!

  8. SB check your email
  9. I am in a gunner cadet unit (whilst still serving in the TA following a glorous carreer in the Gunners always worn the capbadge or cypher) and we refer to ourselves as a Battery, with the star groups refered to as troops, it all depends how big a unit you are in, if it is hutted, try 2 troops recruits, and 1 star upwards, you may also want to try left section/right rection, a bit Kings Troop, but the gunner link is there, if you PM me I have a lot of history paperwork to send you, but in the first instance in the stickies above you will see Bty birthday, good start as many are actually battle honours, please do look to your local RA regiment, The Royal Artillery - British Army Website or Royal Artillery History - British Army Website will help but again in your PM let me know where you are in the UK and I can tell you the Regiment and its Sub Units, good starter for 10 is Minden & Sphinx, very common.