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help please

Orite guys, bit of help needed!
im cumin up2 21, gt a HND in mech engineering and left a goof job!
in the process of joining the army at the moment, but just dont know what to do! if i follow my heart i want to be a combat soldier, paras or royal regiment of scotland air assualt! if i follow my head it says engineering, electrician etc.
i want to join the army for the experiance, adventure, crack, but i dont want to leave and be stuck for finding a decent job in civi street. at the momet i dont know how long im going to join for and wont know untill im there, im a peoples kinda guy that likes the banter and the w/e's etc.
i know this is abit of a story but realy want peoples advice, past experiance etc or what job the think is the best in the army!
any help will do guys but i dont want any of these smarmy replies from people with too much time on there hands!
You will get "banter" and the likes regardless of what you join, well apart from in the RMP who are tossers, but go for a trade, infantry is where the action is, but it doesnt do much for future employment quals wise.
yur realy funny mate, unless yur been serious with the reference to crack which in scotland means banter (which is prob scottish anol) or havin a laugh with the boys
cage88 said:
yur realy funny mate, unless yur been serious with the reference to crack which in scotland means banter (which is prob scottish anol) or havin a laugh with the boys

That is actually "Craic" not crack
i found myself in a similar position to you, heart saying one thing and head another, i decided to follow my heart rather than my head on this one and apply for the Coldstream Guards, i thought of it as if i follow my head and go engineering i might hate it and leave early, fair enough with some quals, BUT if i followed my heart i could be in the army for my whole career
Only you, my friend, can decide what to do with your life...

Can i ask you something though, why are you wondering what to do after you leave the forces when you haven't even started basic? It seems more than a little strange to me to be thinking about that before you have even signed the line.

I joined the inf when I was 17 and rebadged to the sigs a few years after 'to get a trade' I'm now (hopefully) going to do something a little more 'special' because I miss being in the action, although as a member of the sigs I've completed several tours in warmer climates and have been involved in some sort of 'fracas' each time i've been overseas.

If you do a certain amount of time in the forces, you get resettlement which is basically money to go on courses at the end of your service to get you ready for civvy street, and you can go through uni for free too.

Do what you want to more or you will always be wondering what if...
fair enough but mate im defo gonna be there for over 4 years ament i, id luv to say that im gonna do the 22 years and love every single minute of it but i dont know what it is going to be like so i cant also if i meet a missus and have kids i might wanna leave and do something else!

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