Help Please!

Pal should try Colpermin, its kind of minty so the wind level increases for a while and its guaranteed a bubble or two in the water :wink:

Edit imminent here methinks 8) :wink:
THAT young lady (being polite of cse.....) calls for a yellow card!

a. Coz it is rude and nasty
b. Coz it IS off topic - whatever you may think and
c. You are trying to tell me how to do my job.

You are saved from a Red Card only because nobody else bothers to reply to my posts and you, at least, have made the effort.

However,any future deviations or Lippyesque comments and the Red Card will be produced quicker than you can say 'I am an old Trout'.

Thank you.


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I am an old trout


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Quick enough ?


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But then I'm not Lippy......


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Perhaps it should have read "quicker than one can say 'I am an old Trout'."
Ohhhhhh she called me a young lady (strewth)

I love her really though :wink:

C,mon pan, I read em!!!!!! :wink:
Cutaway, you should try the Colpermin, so much gas m8 8)

This is so off topic, it should be gone, its all your fault Pangur and I had nothing to do with it, whatsoever. Honest. Really really.
OK Lippy - ya get a second chance as ya so kindly read AND post on my threads.

HOWEVER.....please can we get back to the question as I am trying to impress one of my work colleagues as well as prove how effective the site can be!


(And I only called you young in an attempt to win you over, so ya wouldnt pick on my thread anymore! You ARE an old trout so live with it.)

Cuts: I wont argue with you about you being a trout either.
You could try the water sports centre (fnar fnar) at Thorney not sure if they let civ pop go there, for more details try on the Gunner Forum?

Given the fact that you have been so kind as to help me with my question,I shall forgive you for implying that I (or my pal) may be 'civ pop'!


Muchly thank you for the pointers though - I shall go and investigate forthwith. :D



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Pangur_Ban said:

Given the fact that you have been so kind as to help me with my question,I shall forgive you for implying that I (or my pal) may be 'civ pop'!
Which just goes to prove, despite the rumours, that PB is indeed very fair !
P B Fear not, we will all one day be tents & bivvys but until that day I remain your obiedient informant!!

How about kite surfing at Fuerto Ventura?, anything remotley outdoors in the UK can be painful with our weather cycle! You could try this link

Not sure if they allow jeans, dessies, ron hills or white stilli's?
Cheers again Harry - I will pass the info onto My Friend.

I suspect her 4mm neoprene wetsuit will be acceptable attire, although I will try and persuade her to avoid wearing white stillettos at the same time. Am sure FMBs will be more appropriate and less likley to be lost at sea.

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