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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dammj, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone.
    I'm really stuck.
    I'm not to sure where i should post this but here goes.
    i have finished my barb test and basic skills and i need to pick my three career choices. And i think that they will most probably be:
    1) Communication System Operator
    2) Geographic technician
    3) Infantry (Royal Anglian Reg)

    i have searched the forums for the pros and cons but I'm not having the best of luck.

    i really want a job that i can get a trade in and some action.
    Am i going in the right direction also i would really appreciate peoples opinions of the jobs above and suggestions please.
  2. Infantry will be the most fun, and the Angry Lions are a good regiment.

    I know of many former RSigs nerds who have gone on to have very good careers on civvy street, especially those that go back to operational theatres and fix the phones in big camps like Bastion.

    No idea about Geo Techs but seem to recall they are the biggest geeks in the RE!
  3. Well done on the subtle manipulation towards infantry. He wanted info, and info more towards a trade, not your personal wishes.
  4. Thanks for that.
    The guys you know from the RSigs did they enjoy there job and what job role did they do?
  5. Geo Tech is a good job, with good promotional prospects and a foundation degree after your Class 1 if memory serves me correctly.

    Geo Tech training is with 42 Regt RE in Hermitage.
  6. Do you have any idea about if promotions in the Signals is any good.
    Is it true that the signals has the largest drop out number ?
  7. I live in Hermitage and in the three years Ive been here Ive yet to see blokes from the camp out on the piss in the local pubs even on pay day.Fooking most bazaar,they must have one shit hot pole dancing naffi bar, doubt it though.
  8. I've been to Denison Barracks a few times. I'd get the fcuk out of there too if I were posted there! The camp is ok, nothing special. Sod all to do though.

    Does Hermitage have anything to offer the squaddies there? It looks dead too.
  9. No mate fuuck all to do in Hermitage for your average squaddie,give me Paderborn as a single squaddie. One shop one butcher and two pubs,we only got street lights last year,all six of them!
    But after spending 12 years in Londostan and not being able to speak Arabic or Eastern European Paper Clip I became the odd man out,its like a breath of fooking fresh air,I love the place.
  10. i was thinking about communication system enginer but now im stuck between that and military electrictian? i know there two complete different jobs but i want a job what im going to be active learning new stuff every day, because i have heard some jobs are just same every day and they get boring easily..
  11. I got told that electrician is a dead end job.
    don't know if true.. but spoke to a few friends in the army and thats what they said but thats only there opinions
  12. Exactly, so don't verbalise them FFS
  13. Im not just saying what other people told me
  14. People these days, the mind boggles 8O
  15. Hi all,

    Sorry to hop on the back end of this here topic, but I have a question regarding career choices.

    If you're joining up as a regular soldier, when do you have to make your final decision regarding your choice of trade?

    I know if you're joining as an officer, this happens quite late on in the process at Sandhurst, but I gather it's probably a lot different if you're following the soldier route.

    I presume you have to make your final call before you start your basic training and so on.

    But is there still scope for changing while you are at Pirbright/Catterick etc?

    Many thanks in advance!