help please urgent..

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. just filling out my army app. form.

    i asked this in another topic but got hardly any replies :(

    got my BARB test on fri

    and i need to bring the app. form with me then

    i've already got 2 convictions for fighting... and in 1 of my previous jobs i got dismissed for having a minor scrap with someone at work.. was self defence on my part but it was 1 word against another so we both got dismissed.

    what i need to know is.. do i tell them this???? it wont look good with my convictions and I've got a feeling it'll stop me from going in the infantry.

    or do i bend the truth? are they likely to check up on how previous jobs ended??

    thanks to anyone who replies
  2. Give them the facts. They will check. It's also an integrity issue (you'll find out what they are later).

    When it comes to previous jobs, do you not have any other people that'll give you references?

    Bear in mind that to a large extent though, they're trying to recruit you, not get rid of you.

    Good luck.
  3. am thinkin of just tellin the truth

    then writing a letter about exactly what happened on the day... coz it doesent look 2 good alongside the convictions.

    think that'll be ok?
  4. As with most applications be honest this will stand you in good stead, do not bend the truth because it will almost certainly bite you in the end, especially if you get in and later get caught out.
  5. Not sure (I'm not a recruiter), but it won't hurt, will it?

    Be prepared to explain it all verbally (think of the most likely questions you'll be asked about the events, and prepare for them) and do take responsibility for where you were in the wrong.

    Are your convictions not "spent" yet? It may be that you'll have to wait a while before joining.

    Lastly, if you do get in, use the Army as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. I met quite a few reg infanteers who'd had dramas before joining (Assault, ABH, twoccing off the top of my head), and sorted themelves out once they got in.
  6. right i get ya

    they won't look at it as bad..because I'm bein honest???

    at least i hope not anyway...
  7. no mate they're unspent

    i wanted to join last year but got told I'd have to wait 18months before i could apply.. the offences were december 2004.. convicted march 2005

    the recruiter went up to see his boss with my conviction papers.. an he said its fine.. it won't stop me from joinin

    an thats exactly what i plan to do.. turn over a new leaf

    these were my only convictions though i wasnt always in trouble with the law! theyre ABH and common assault
  8. What did u get from the courts, put it all on your 493, rehabilitation of offenders act form they must have given u. they will sort it out.
    The careers office have a recruiting bible they work from, it tells them what offences and how long you have to wait to enlist somebody.
    Tell them everything, you should tell them all about it during your interview which will come later anyway
  9. yeah mate i got that rehabilitation of offenders leaflet u have to sign

    i got some memorandum of conviction papers aswell explainin the offences, date + punishment

    i got 160 hrs com. service an £270 fine
  10. Just put it all in there, have you finished the community service and paid the fine, if yes then it should all be good
  11. yeah mate finished that all last year

    took me ages to get these memorandum papers... i just need to get a letter now off the courts+ probation service to show theres no outstandin fines/CS hours left

    was a bit of a wake up call really when it happened..made me realise i dont wanna be goin down that path.
  12. Yeh get the letter as its proof that its all finished, a little known secret is that if you are skint the army will pay for it. But dont push it if you want to get it in. You can still do the BARB even if you are waiting for the letter. Depends on the recruiting staff
  13. I was in recruiting for my TA unit (the clearance process is exactly the same as the regs) and we had a guy who had a conviction he failed to disclose. They came and interviewed him. The details you give are ALL followed up, that why it takes so long. If you miss details which they find out thats you screwed too.

    There is no choice here so far as I can see. Be honest or prepare to be binned.

    In all honesty I'd suggest you have a think about how much you contributed to the two incidents occuring. I have no idea whether you did or not but that would most likely be a bigger threat to your career in the long term. Theres no point getting in if you start cocking up your progress with poor anger management/impulse control.
  14. me dads payed for everythin so far

    there payin for my gym membership aswell... shouldnt be a problem havin to pay for it

    the recruiter said i can still apply etc just i cant actually enlist until they've got the letters
  15. in a nutshell this is what happened

    i was fillin up a bucket of water..someone knocked me and it splashed a lads leg as he was walkin past

    he slammed me head into the wall.. i just pushed him off me an carried on fillin the bucket up.. then i got smacked on the cheek.. i wern't expectin it

    bit of shovin whilst i was tryin to get him off me an that was it

    but because it was my word against his.. they didnt know who to believe!

    i complained to the police aswell and gave statements etc.. i genuinely did nothing wrong, was dropped coz of lack of evidence by the CPS

    reckon its worth tryin to get a copy of the complaint statement i gave? to back up my story?