Help Please!! Try Not To Be Too Hard On Me

I'm a 16 year old lad and I have recently D.A.O.R from AFC Harrogate. I am deeply regretting this now because there is nothing I want to do in civilian life and I am looking to get back into the forces.

In November, I went to my local Army Careers Office and asked if I could re-apply but they said that I would have to wait 12 months because of a recommendation on my Army report. :(

Seen as I D.A.O.R in October, this is a very long way away and I really want to get back into the Army A.S.A.P.

Is there anything I can do like appeal against this or something? Or try another recruiting office and see what they say?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately, there is bugger all you can do but prepare yourself properly for the course this time. If I was you I would train hard in preparation for the start of training. Don't be so hastey next time as I think you are limited to the ammount of times you can Urine the Army about.
I'll be blunt. If you get back in. Grow a set before you go.

Training is by no means hard these days so just man it up and plug through it.
I would still have to wait the 12 months though wouldn't I? Or would they see it as an Army recommendation and overlook it because they are from a different branch of the forces?

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