Help please - subject: democracy in danger in UK?

There's a forum on next week at a local association & the subject is:
"21st C - the end of the democratic illusion?" (translated from Frog)
A whole bunch of local intellectuals from various countries have been asked to contribute something on the evolution of democracy in their countries... but the only person they found to represent Britain was me :(
Now I did study the British Constitution a loooong time ago when it was pretty enlightened & I've dusted off the old books & done some reading
I'm a bit clueless on the evolution of democracy since Bliar & the current situation & would really like some help please!
I'm reading up on SOCPA at the moment but are there any other laws or little erosions of liberty that dimwits like myself who live abroad would not have noticed?
I'm also a bit confused as to how SOCPA has helped make ordinary (ie non-fanatical nutcases) people safer :?
It seems to me that people are a lot less safe because the very institutions that are there to guard them are being starved of funds/manpower to do their jobs while the political class are larging it on taxpayers money (bit like here really). Have I got it totally wrong or am I on the right track?
Thanks to anyone who can give us a few pointers!
Have a good weekend

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