Help Please: Printing A0 PDF to separate A4 sheets.

I hope people can help me with this.

I'm trying to find out if it's possible to print an A0 PDF onto separate A4 sheets. That is, I want to retain the A0, but it is just made up of A4 sheets. The original file will be either a powerpoint or Keynote slide, but I think a PDF will be easier to try and work with.

I've had a look on Google, but I cannot find anything I'm able to make sense of.

I primarily work on Mac OSX, but I can access Windows, too.




Off the top of my head, you can usually do this in the "printer settings" for the individual printers - ie most HP printers give the option of printing posters and banners made up of individual A4 sheets.

The Sailor

amazing__lobster, the only way I can think of is to go into print options and set up the paper as A0, the printer will do the rest. You may end up with a couple or three of blank sheets due to the overrun of margins. Come back and let us know if you got it going, helps others.


The Sailor

Good one Steven, downloading it now, usefull bit of software to use one day :D

If you have an A0 PDF but want to print that to multiple A4 sheets and then re assemble them into an A4 just hit the print button. As long as your print settings arent set to scale to a single sheet the printer should spit out multiple pages