Help please - PIFWC Lesson

I have been asked to give a lesson on PIFWC and was wondering if anyone out in the ARRSE community has done this before and may be able/willing to help me out?

In short I have to give an outline of the background to PIFWCs (Geneva Convention, Hague etc.) and then something on arrest and detention for an exercise scenario. If anyone has done something similar and has a lesson plan it would be greatly appreciated. Equally if you have gone about this a different way would be interested to know how.

Many thanks


From my experience a PIFWC (Person(s) Indicted for War Crimes) is usually on a list of people idenitified by an international War Crimes Tribunal. In the case of FRY it was the ICTY (Internet search). Whilst in Bosnia I had two such fellows in one week. One was a planned snatch off the street by SF the other was a guy who gave himself up to a Detecive Inspecter on loan from civpol to the ICTY as an investigator.

In both cases, it was my job to process them on arrival, documenting identification, clothing, personal possessions and have them medically examined. Arse covering all round. They should be treated with respect regardless of what it is they are alleged to have done, even if it does make you sick to your stomach. A fowl up in procedure can have major consequences in a trial!

The personnel were blindfolded and handcuffed to the rear and I took control of them until the offical handover. For your exercise it may be worth escorts practising the above, and getting the PIFWC in and out of vehicles and helicopters etc with that kit on. I know I found it challenging.

They were then transferred under escort to another base in another countries sector, processed again and then boarded a private jet to the Hague.

Hope this helps
Thanks guys - help much appreciated!

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