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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CDO-HARALDO, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. I thought I would chance my arm here and see if the ARRSE community can help out.
    A friend of mine runs a game lodge in Kenya. Not as flash as it may sound. He is a naturalist and conservationist and leases the land off the local community which in turn employs a lot of them and the majority of earnings are poured back into the community primarily for education and to fund the huge animal conservation and anti-poaching programme.
    Unlike the large, commercial places such as Lewa, they receive no funding, backing or sponsorship from the govt.

    To cut a long story short-Kenya is experiencing a prolonged drought which has resulted in a shit state of affairs. Tourism is down but the most pressing issue is the fact that the cattle drovers and wild animals are migrating to find water. This in turn brings the poachers which are then followed by an ever increasing criminal element. Along with a mate (both recently left the army) we have decided to go out to help provide some training/mentoring for the 18 strong scout/security force of local Masai. We are going to go out for 2 weeks of our annual leave at our cost. Nothing better to do!

    At present they are seriously ill equipped. They have olive drab uniform which is now threadbare having been handed down from the Kenyan Police. We are trying to accumulate enough gear to kit them out and give them a better chance.

    Therefore, what I am asking for is any kit any of you may have lying around that is no good/not worth anything over here.
    We have already pillaged mates garages etc but need lots more of the following;
    lightweights, OG shirts, jersey heavy wools, socks, boots, norwegians, 58 pattern webbing, DPM smocks(temperate through to 95) 58 pattern ponchos, belts, waterbottles/carriers, roll mats, doss bags, tents.................that should paint a picture.

    Anyway, like I said I thought I would chance my arm here as I know how helpful people the Arrse community can be.
    Its for a good cause and a needy lot, If anyone can help then it will be really appreciated by us, the locals and the game wardens themselves.

    Would be able to collect in southern England or will pay for postage.

  2. if you have any short people (5-6ft, no taller) I might be able to throw a few smocks in.

    and the 58 webbing... might be able to donate LOADS of it! will have a word...
  3. Legend, thanks so much. The other lad coming out is in South London so might be able to collect from you/buy tou a beer. Thanks again.
  4. PM your address - got some odds and ends which I am about to chuck out. When are you going out?

  5. CC, thanks, will PM address. Shipping is the cheapest option at the moment if we get enough kit and we will need to get to Liverpool or Folkestone by the end of the month. Otherwise, big bills in excess luggage!
  6. Field Textiles are trade-only though right?

    Maybe if you spend enough with them they'll let you buy with them. I think there's a £250 rule or something...
  7. Fuck that, let's get some Wild Geese shit going on I've got 58 days on my leave card, who can get a Herc and some guns?
  8. Re the cost of shipping:

    There's a QM's Dept here....

    ....there's a Qm's Dept in Kenya, I'm sure we could squeeze a bit more out of the system :)
  9. Cheers fellas. All over Field Textiles although they are trade only with a minimum spend of £250...gulp. They weren't too helpful either as if I were to buy say 10 x lightweights, they come in the full size range. So we would get skinny boy up to fat boy sizes.

    Spaz, now were talking. We could go via Equitorial Guinea and pick up Simon Mann en route from Black Beach. Poor sod!
  10. Game Lodge? Thought there was no Game shooting in Kenya? If there was a properly established shooting and conservation industry there would be a lot less poaching, certainly that's the experience elsewhere.....

    Like the Wild Geese idea! :)
  11. EX_STAB, my bad. By game lodge it is actually an eco-lodge. It was built with the main intention being to support the local Mokogodo Massai. The thought process being that a sustainable wildlife conservation programme will support their tradidional pastoral ways and be a viable alternative land use in its own right. Lewa wildlife conservancy is a great example of it working but on a much bigger scale.
    You are right though, a well managed industry does work.
  12. Sounds like an eco lodge doesn't work quite as well. Doesn't the traditional pastoral life of the Masai involve killing lots of lions? ;)

    Hope things work out for them.....I don't have any kit to offer I'm afraid...
  13. Find out who is going on a Grand Prix and see if it can be shipped with them as it's for a good cause. Might even give your mate an "in" for some R & R type stuff from the lads and lasses.
  14. Thanks. What do you mean by an 'in'?
    Anyone know who is next out on Grand Prix?
    One of my mates has got a job with the firm that does the TESEX kit supporting Grand Prix but is out of the country and wouldn't be able to get it out until early next year.
    Anyone in the logistics chain with a heads up?