Help please needed

Could somebody who is in the know advise me on my issue:

I have been promoted to Sgt and have moved out of the JNCO accomidation, i am Single living in.

I have not been posted as i have been promoted in a PID at my duty station.

I will be detached to another unit, of which i have moved my belongings to the mess there for the next 4 months.

So therefore i have not got a room at my duty station.

Does this mean i am entitled to LSA as i cannot return to my duty station at weekends/periods of rest etc

Or because i got a non availibility of accomidation i am entitled to SSSA?

Also is there anything else i can claim for?

Your help would be much appriciated at my duty station is very small with no admin staff in work!

See here (one of your previous ARRSE Threads on the same subject)for advice and here (RumRation) The Navy Net: Rum Ration › Forums › General › Finance › Help needed for the answer.

Are there no RAO (or detachment) staff at your Parent Unit or Detached duty station? I presume you have taken over from someone, and I suspect they would have been in a similar position. Do you not know someone in your trade that has done the same as you? You must have a chain of command that you report to.

You must have access to a phone book, or access to ArmyNet.

I (and plenty of others) have tried to give you advice, please take it. Use you initiative and use the correct channels.

When you get the answer, post it on here (or one of your other threads) for others that might find themselves in a similar situation.


In my last post there are two links to threads which give you advice, and I have given you a few pointers to help find others that may be able to advise you.

Why the hell are you posting on Arrse asking for advice if you won't take the advice given?

I've had a great weekend, hope yours was good too.


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