Help please - medal id?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Rod924, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Whilst watching the Millies, the CO of the Rifles was wearing a gong that I have not got a scooby-do what it is. I have no llink or image, but it was a Reddish ribbon with a purple-ish thin strip down the middle with a 5 prong gold star.

    Anyone know what this could be?
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Thanks mate, looks like it, but quite surprised to see it worn in that case......But then again, times change
  3. It was the Bronze Star and by all accounts he was given permission to wear it from the top/
  4. Lt Col R Kershaw, C/O of 10 (V) Para in the early 90's had one from his exchange tour with 82nd Airborne during Op Granby. Raised a few eyebrows then as well.....
  5. Quite a few Bronze Stars have been awarded to UK personnel, and they are authorised for wear. As are selected other foreign decorations, and I believe this has been the case for some time.
  6. US gallantry decorations are authorised for wear in British service - this was very common in WW2. I knew a Wg Cdr who won the US Air Force Cross flying F117s over Yugoslavia as an exchange pilot.
  7. The RGBW regiment had a US Presiential Citation which was traditionally worn on no2's, apparently the only regiment to have it at the time it existed

    The U.S. I Marine Expeditionary Force (1st MEF), consisting of the 1st Marine Division and attached units, received the Navy Presidential Unit Citation for its actions in combat in Iraq from March 21 to April 24, 2003.

    Among the attached and supporting units cited were the following British units:

    1st (UK) Armoured Division (-)(Reinforced)
    7th Armoured Brigade
    1st Battalion The Black Watch
    1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
    The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
    2nd Royal Tank Regiment
    3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
    32nd Engineer Regiment
    16th Air Assault Brigade
    1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment
    3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
    1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment
    7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
    3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines (-)
    40 Commando Group
    42 Commando Group
    29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery
  8. You're forgetting 170 Bty RA ;)
  9. And the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry. :wink: