Help Please! Leave Denied!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by waltamabbey, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. All,

    Sorry for my first post to be a moan/RFI!

    Had a pretty tough time of things on ops last year and, having a young family, have decided to call it quits with the Army.

    PVR'd last year, giving 12 mths notice, due to be discharged in Aug this year after 11 yrs reckonable service. Now into my last six months, today I approached my boss to discuss when I could leave work. He is unwilling to let me take the balance of my ILA (6 weeks), stating that 'he has not yet had enough work out of me'.

    By my calculations, I should be able to leave at least 15 weeks before my discharge date, and should be released from work at the end of this week, as follows:

    4 Weeks terminal leave.
    5 Weeks GRT.
    6 Weeks ILA.

    As I am in my last six months I understood that:

    1. I am no longer liable for operations*, unless I agree to deploy.
    2. Annual leave is now an entitlement which can only be denied for operational reasons, which no longer applies to me*.

    Can my boss stop me from taking my leave? I know lots of guys who have been 'cut-away' on 'buckshee' leave weeks/months before they were entitled to, but I am not asking for this - I simply want what I'm entitled to. After devoting some of the best years of my life to the job, I am struggling not to leave feeling bitter, which I definitely do not want. Strangely, I am one of the guys who always ensures that his soldiers get their full entitlement to the resettlement system. I have considered the notion that I should simply 'man the fcuk up' but the Army will not give a toss about me at the End of Aug this year - I will be but a distant memory.

    Any advice? Am considering complaining via the CoC or taking legal advice, but would much rather sort it out amicably.
  2. Have you approached your RCMO/ressettlement adviser? You should also get onto the intranet and look at the resettlement JSP (I can't remember the number!)

    Good luck

  3. Have discussed the situation with both - they agree that, technically, I should be able to leave when when I have stated above. However, they also work for my boss, if you follow. JSP 534 deals only with GRT - the main problem is that I am being denied ILA.

    Thanks for the well-wishes, anyway!
  4. I don't generally do G1 (welfare not being my bag!) but if you are entitled to the leave then I see no reason why you shouldn't have it.

    If you are leaving for genuine reasons having been a good soldier then I would rather see you leave the Army happy having done your time and able to talk honestly about your experiences with (hopefully) some happy memories. However if you were a to$$er who had generally messed people around yourself then believe me I would find every way to make your final days a misery (BTW I'm not insinuating anything about you incase you think I am).
  5. msr

    msr LE


  6. If you are due out in Aug you are not entitled to a full year's ILA, it works out at 2.5 days per (complete) month so if you are out in Aug you will have 4 complete months in = 10 days ILA. Having said that it is normal to come to some sort of arrangement! Do you have a firm job offer? Has a replacement been nominated? Do you have anywhere to live as yet?
    Legally I don't really think you will get very far, even if you do these things take time - probably more than the time you have left - I would think that route is a non starter. Have you tried coming up with a plan showing what you can do before you finish, maybe a bit of give and take could be the way ahead. There is always a CO's interview but you may end up worse off.

    Not much help I know!! I'll post again if I have a flash of inspiration!

  7. Understood and no offence taken. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with your POV, of course you are entitled to it!

    For the record I have been a good little boy - that said, I have been chronically mismanaged since PVR-ing (no CR objectives or MYA for me this year!) but I can live with that. I just want to go ASAP whilst I still have a little dignity and fond memories of my time in green.

  8. If you are leaving mid-(leave)-year are you not only entitled to a portion of annual leave? i.e. you do six months of your last (leave) year therefore you get half the entitlement (1/2 of 30 days = 15 days)? Or have you carried leave over from last year?

    Best of luck regardless!

    P.S. Are things so bad it's not worth you staying to the 12 year point for your half pension???

    P.P.S. Doh! paywog beat me to it!
  9. Correct - you get 2.5 days for each full month served, pro-rata. And I carry-over 20 days at midnight today!

    PS - I don't need to serve 'til 12 yrs for half pension - offrs on AFPS 75 get it at 9 yrs!

  10. Wanker. (Sir!) :D

  11. Did'nt realise you were a officer. Just put the leave pass in on JPA and see what happens. I take it your in a Corps. Can't see an INF CO being so petty. :twisted:
  12. Didn't realise you are an officer, surely as "grown ups" you should be able to sort things out between you!! If you can't what hope do us oiks have??

  13. PMSL!! :D
  14. I'm sorry MSR for upsetting your sensitivities but are you saying that a soldier who has been nothing but a cnut for his entire service and has probably caused others huge amounts of extra grief / tours / lost leave should have his every last whim catered for. I wouldn't act outside of the rules / law but if a soldier who was a good lad and was staying in could have his life enhanced by using a to$$er (while they are still being paid) before they left I know which way I would go. Or would you rather have the good lad stag on during Christmas Day while you just ignored Pte Beenacnutmyentireserviceandgetoutinthenewyear. I think you'll find you are the tosspot!

    Please note that I did qualify my statement that this wasn't directed in anyway to Waltamabbey (who I am pleased to hear has been a good boy - hopefully able to leave happily and tell his mates honestly what his time was like, good and bad, but with no serious bitterness).
  15. LMAO!!!

    you'll be back sir....