Help Please - last minute trip to Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Travel' started by watto135, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello All

    Help Needed Secured a last minute flight to Vegas if anyone can give

    1. best places for outlet shopping off strip
    2. best places to eat breakfast / dinner / tea
    3. best places i must visit going for 5 days
    4. best casinos to try like a little betting
    5. anything else to do

    cheers watto
  2. 1. Anywhere

    2. Ditto

    3. Grand Canyon

    4. Ceasers Palace / Luxor

    5. Enjoy.
  3. Cheers

    been told to shop of strip as its cheaper is this true
  4. Hi watto,

    1. There's a great factory outlet mall just off the I95 - won't cost you too much in a cab. Don't forget to take your military ID - loads of places will give you extra discount if you flash it. You could also try Nellis Air Base and do some tax-free shopping in the huge BX there.

    2. Any casino buffet.

    3. Hoover dam.

    4 They're all pretty much the same, although the smaller off strip casinos have lower limit tables and are generally friendlier. Try Terribles or Ellis Island.

    5. Get drunk, don't call the ho's on the little cards you get given on the strip.
  5. ref 5 above why are they that bad

    ID card a problem awaiing new one old one got stolen
  6. 5. They're a bloody rip-off. Stick to lapdancing clubs (cheap beer and $20 a dance). If you do want to go on the pull (and it's not hard in Vegas) try some of these:

    Tangerine in Treasure Island
    Voodoo Lounge in the Rio
    Tao in the Venetian
    Ra's in the Luxor

    shame about the ID - it really is useful out there (free entry to clubs etc)
  7. umm wonder if i could get a chit in poo
  8. for a free photo with a Las Veags Bird go to ballagios next to the Venetian, there is a showgirl Bird with all the dress etc , you get a free photo with frame she will right personlised massage for you.
    the best bargain in las Vegas so good that I got three with three diferent girls :)

    go up paris Eiffel tower just before Dusk, so that you can get daytime photos and Nightime photos, it gets dark really quick.

    go up the Stratosphere Tower, there are three ride at the top of the tower that will make you sh1t your pants !! (Mil ID gets you discounts)
    worth it, you will sh1t yourself big time , you can't get better than this.
    alas the roller coaster ride has been taken away :(

    New York New York, go there, a good replica of NYC, there is a ride as well, that goes outside looping round and back inside the casino and over the gameing machine and peoples heads , awesome ride.

    If you fancy it the Ventian has TWO canals one inside and one on the second floor, you can ride an authentic Gondolas, I think its $35 dunno if they do discounts.
  9. The Wild West Hotel just off the strip, they teach you to gamble before you hit the strip and its cheap too
  10. Semper - You beat me to it - the rides on top of the stratoshere are fantastic - especially the big shot! DEFINITELY A MUST DO!

    Also, definitely stay OFF strip - for all the time you'll spend in your hotel anyway, and it'll save you a fortune!
  11. Ref point 3: Bit pricey, but a good crack. They also do chopper trips to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Your hotel should be able to arrange it, but we just bimbled down to the General Aviation Terminal and took it from there. Turned out that the pilot we had was ex Army and as soon as he found out that we were ex squaddies the "price was right". Plus some of the flying that he did with us, wasn´t exactly "by the book" but was a great laugh :D

    Also as mentioned by others, I can thoroughly recommend the Stratosphere. The sling shot is brill and if you can get on the first row, the "see-saw" is brilliant :omfg:
  12. Only one day left, but the Mosconi Cup is currently on at the MGM Grand in Vegas. For those not in the know, this is a bit like the Ryder cup, but 9 ball pool instead of Golf. The commentary is laughably cheesy Yank pish, as expected. Some of the Yank players are total c*cks but still good to watch and the Europeans are on the verge of winning it. Failing that, watch it on Sky like me.
  13. ellis island for steak dinner cheap quality food
    like already said loads of places do deals for military even hotels on rom rates
    depends what into loads and loads to do
    off there again in jan
  14. Just like the Ryder Cup then ;)
  15. 1. The Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall on Charleston and I15.

    2. Brekkie and Lunch at any Station casino (Steak n Eggs during your 5am alcohol induced munchies). Highly recommend The CheeseCake Factory for late meal.

    3. Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Everything ON the Strip worth visiting. Freemont Street in old Las Vegas is well worth a visit. The Freemomnt street experience is every 30 minutes and free to watch.

    4. Casinos. All depends on how much you want to spend. The casinos on freemont street are the best value for money. You can find a minimum $3 Black Jack table in any of the old casinos on Freemont. Your typical strip casino, you'll have a hard time finding a table under a $10 minimum bet after mid day. The Canary is a local casino and as such you pay local prices for everything. The Canary is located on Craig Rd and I-15. Cheap rooms and every morning there is a a small class on How to Play (insert game here)

    5. You'll never run out of things to do in Vegas. Lot of shows on the strip worth going to see if your taking a woman with you. The Beatles show is a great show, tickets are a tad pricey. I think I paid $100, but that was during the summer. There is an 80's Cover Band that plays in The Mandalay Bay on the strip called The Spazmatics. Not sure how old you are, but if you grew up in that era, its a great time. Best cover band in Vegas. The Carnival Court Bar on Las Vegas Blvd and Spring Mountain in front of Harrah's. Good cover bands and they don't mess about with your drink. You pay $10 a drink, but it comes with $10 of alcohol in it :) Tons of totty too.