Help!!!!!!!!!!! Please Laptop Hard drive died

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by watto135, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Help!!!

    Please i have had major problem with my laptop hard drive it died on me, the people fitted a new hard drive but had problems trying to retreive the data from it.

    loads of boot sectors, so they couldnt do it with software, and pc world tried with some machine that wont even read it

    got all my photos on it Docs and important stuff i need to get whats my options

    cheers watto
  2. There are companies that specialise in this ( for example.

    It will cost you though.

    Next time, back em up.

  3. A professional data recovery company might be able to get your docs back but it is hugely expensive and usually charged per Mb of data recovered.

    A lesson I learnt many years ago, always make at least three back-ups of any important data, and ideally stored in different locations. And then re-back-up onto new media every few years.
  4. Yep as above get an external hard disk and back up comp to External and vice versa - bit late now, guess this has been an expensive lesson
  5. and then keep a separate backup!

  6. I wasn't very clear in the above. Yes that's what I meant keep three separate backups and, if possible, store them in different locations - one at home, one at another familiy members home, bank safety deposit box, etc. in case of flooding, fire, theft, etc. at your home.

    Personally I keep a copy of important documents on my laptop hard drive (encrypted), also on an external hard drive, then backed-up on DVD. Really important data goes on gold DVDs as regular cheap ones often oxidise after a few years. Also for small important files like Word documents go onto a memory stick.

    But I'm rather paranoid about backing up after loosing three hard drives over the years.
  7. Hmm if it spins up try see if you can get a copy of Symantec Ghost to work on there (see your IS/J6 cell types - all good sysadmins should have a copy to hand ;) ). A longshot is that you might be able to get a ghost imgage from the disk and then use something like ghost explorer to take a peek at the image. It is likely, however, that it won't work if the drive is truely trashed.

    Of course if it was a NTFS hard disk, and was on say Windows XP it could be a single bit/flag on the MBR set to wrong value - research thrashed NTFS disks and you'll soon find something. I was told about such before but not got any experience of implementing.
  8. Im no expert in this field but like the guy above said, if its filled with bad sectors it's probably fooked, and if it won't be detected even in the BIOS then you have no chance of doing it yourself.

    What I believe you can do is to boot your machine from a Linux Live CD and try and access the data from there. From my very limited experience I know that distros like Mandriva can read and use the data from a Windows partition, so in theory if you have another NTFS formatted HDD in the system or even an external device you should be able to copy the data straight over. These CDs are available in the MS Windows variety but are not legal.

    Did whoever looked at it before try that one out? I find it hard to believe that the hard drive is completely fcuked all of a sudden and showed no symptoms beforehand.

    Worth a shot at least, a Linux Live CD will cost you the grand total of... well whatever a blank CD costs these days.

    Edit: - Similar advice to what was posted above, err please try this for me, Id actually be rather interested to see if it works.
  9. Unusual if all data unrecoverable. Common scenario is some data trashed, much can be retrived using the right tools. I recommend a specialist *laptop* recovery outfit, somebody who has abundant checkable customer testimonials. Industry is riddled with cowboys! PM me if you'd like some support but I may be a little slow to respond. Willing to assist though.
  10. can you not plug in a cable which lets you think its just a disk drive and see if it can read. i have done that in the past on some of mine when they have failed
  11. As an example, the last hard drive I sent for data recovery was a couple of years ago and it cost £700 plus VAT.
  12. Why don't you just give it back to the Royal Navy?
  13. The company that i gave it to did the XP on a disk thing similar to what highground talked about but to know avail, they also used software to try and recover it as well but not sure how or what they used

    The laptop was just over a year old and never showed signs of problems until the day it went
  14. Have you tried asking anyone in your sqn, I know of several that could do a better job than PC World.

    If the drive still works (in a fashion) you should able to get the drive mounted as a another hard drive on another PC (with suitable eqt) and simply copy the files accross.