Help please Joint Operations or Battlefield 2

Not sure if this thread should be amongst one of the BF2 threads already running so my apologies in advance.

Which is deemed better? I've been on JO for a couple of yrs now and saw the threads ref BF2, now being easily led and after new things have gone out and bought the BF2 series and cant decide which is better? A few mates are also looking at it but I'm the recce.

Is BF2 simply conquest maps or are there other scenarios/missions?

Have only been on it 2 days so am limited as knowledge on it go's so far. I plan to download the reality mod to have a crack at but I wanted to gain some knowledge from those that are more into it than I. What are the pro's and con's of each?

Any constructive comments welcome, Thank you.

Ps KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) answers please where you can!
Hi Mark.

BF2 in my opinion has a better gameplay experience compared to Joint Ops. Although both cater for large combined arms battles, the BF2 engine is more in-depth than the now aged JO engine, and capable of allowing more immersion as a player in this regard. Both games have an arcadey feel to them as All Arms combat games, however there are reality mods for both games out there. Not sure about the JO one (google it, I'm sure it'll spit something out), but PR is BF2's, plus it has the Brits :)

If you are just getting into BF2, I would recommend Project Reality. Experienced BF2ers tend to not be able to get used to the slower paced gameplay and use of tactics that PR introduces, as they learnt bad habits from exploiting bugs in the BF2 vanilla engine :D

You can read more about it and check out screenies etc here:

EDIT: Just re-read your post lol, glad to see you thought of the originally :D
Mark, I would say BF2 is better. There are loads of mods for it, Download this little program this is good for everyone Its has all major mods on there to download like Project Reality and POE2. I would recommend Air maps mini mod its a fun mod :D

It also has CO OP but the majority of action is on conquest maps !!

Tri Service Gamers might be a looks worth for you

:twisted: i played black hawk down then moved to joint ops with a team the international conflict mod for jo is good and worth a look we still play it .Bf2 is newer and is a cracking game especially with new mods previously mentioned. Joint ops has slighty lower system requirements but is getting hard to find ,bf2 does need a decent system to get the best from it.I had 1gb of ram and got another which made a real difference. A lot of my team play it but not everyone has the money to update their computers so we have kept jo and its a good laugh .If your mates have the systems to run it go bf2 just watch out for the bunny hopping one shot wonders that plague the game....there were servers that were really bad for hoppers/hacks and so forth i havent played it for a while so dont know if its still a problem.

Bf2 use this to see medals and stuff

Joint ops is easier to find your mates on than Bf2 the set up to find your mates on bf2 is poo ,its is abetter game but it does have weaknesses and ease of use problems . we use teamspeak rather than the onboard team chat in bf2 as well

have fun ...dont waste 100's of hours on bf2 chasing medals and badges like i have tho heheheh

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