Help please if possible on the new new accumulated campaign service medal 2011!!

I'm new to ARRSE so thank you to this awesome site i should of joined many more years ago!!

I have quilified for the ACSM 2011, but because of the back logs i wont be getting it for some while now. I'm getting married in March of next year, and as i know it wont turn up in time i would like to buy one(as I'm going to buy all my medals again one day to get mounted on a frame) so I can get it mounted with my other medals for the wedding day. I have checked a few online stores but dont seem to have them on there site, so would anyone on here know where I could buy one from??

Many thanks for your time!!!


If you've qualified and are waiting to be awarded you can have it blank boarded, where the ribbon is mounted but without the medal.

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