Help please! How are you on dates?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Queensman, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. As the Local Honourary Poppy Appeal Organiser and a school parent governor, 'my' Headmistress has asked me to speak to the school about Poppies and Remembrance in a school assembly next month.

    As a result, I am in the process of preparing a short presentation. The RBL do have a selection of briefing notes/scripts which are fine. To accompany my spiel I thought I'd prepare a 'Time Line' from 1914 to now and show on it all the conflicts 'we've' been in since then.

    When I was serving we used to say that there was only one year,1966?, that a British serviceman hadn't died in since WW2. I don't suppose that's changed.....

    I've got:
    WW1 '14-'18; WW2 '39-'45; Korea, Falklands '82, NI, GW1 '91, Bosnia, Kosovo, Af'stan, GW2, Sierra Leonne, Aden, Borneo, Malaya,.....

    What have I missed out? And when were they? Thanks in advance for your help :))
  2. Macedonia Aug - Oct 2001.

    Op Harvest.
  3. Just remembered Cyprus - shouldn't have missed that one, my old man was there!
  4. Thanks - I called that Gulf War 2 (GW2).
  5. Kenya, Mau-Mau uprising 1952-1960
  6. Afghanistan 1919
    Iraq 1919 23
    Russia 1918 19
    Palastine 1945 47
    Greek civil war 1945 46
    Cyprus 1950s

    And the year without one British death was 1967 we were still in Aden in 66
  7. Suez - 56-57
    BAOR - 45-09....?

  8. OP HAVEN / OP WARDEN, April 1991. Northern Iraq/Southern Turkey.
  9. Still in Aden in 1967 too..
  10. Your right I pressed the wrong key it was 68 not 67
  11. Rhodesia??
  12. That's excellent! Many thanks.

    Rhodesia? Did we get involved there officially?
    I know some folk went to Vietnam (I shared an office once with an elderly Gunner Colonel who went, but was 'seconded' to the Australians and didn't get any gongs or official recognition.)

    Are we going for '67 or '68 as the Death Free Year? I don't suppose for a second there's been another one since then!?