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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by dhgrainger1, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. Alright Int people?

    I'm editind the article on TRF's in the pedia, and am stuglling to find an example of an Intelligence corps flash. If anyone's got one, could they please PM me ASAP. Please note, don't edit the article, I'll do that, but I need the image first!

    Cheers all

  2. We dont have one...................yet.

    If you trawl back through this board, you'll see we had a chat about this very subject.
  3. Intelligence Corps soldiers do not wear a Corps' TRF.
  4. Okie dokes, I'll mark you down as too Bond like for badges. Cheers!

  5. There is a 1 MI Bde flash ... it's utter sh!te. You got that ?

    I don't have an image, it's too painful to think of.
  6. If you go page 6 on the Int Corps board, you'll find the discussion there. If I was less of an IT biff I'd give you a link, but I am, so I can't.

    Some bloody researcher! :roll:
  7. I'll have a look, see if I can find it. For now, I'm just trying to find all the Regimental ones, not going into brigades, battalions, divisions etc.

  8. actually, i quite like it. i think that 99% of people actually wear the 1 MI Bde flash with pride; it's just sewing the fucker on that makes people moan. ;)
  9. Yeah, it's fcukin' nails that. The effort required to hand over a badge and a jacket to the tailor :roll:
  10. The old TRF (1940s) was green and white I think but no we don't have a TRF - only the venerated 1 MI Bde flash.
  11. didn't like the job they did. the tailors in south wales all use wool for sewing. (they also use it for clothing, spaghetti, and sexual gratification... ;) )
  12. My hatred for the rather gay bde flash is well documented. In my old age the idea of a trf for wearing in barracks (i.e. CS 95 shirts/lightweight jackets/whatever you call them) is starting to look attractive. The question is this though, what colours would they be and why? Answers from the previous SO3 Int Corps first methinks..............

    Sorry to shout, but really. I am not a Boy Scout. If people are too stupid to work out what I am from the stable belt and beret then let them worry about it. And while i'm on the subject, who on earth orders a badge that melts when you iron it ? Well, who was it ? I'm putting quotation marks round the word intelligence on your cap badge.
  14. I always prefer a 58 pattern web belt myself, obviously I'm not in 4 MI! What if your beret isn't on? The wearing of anything on a combat jacket is a big bug bear of mine, but in barracks on the DPM shirt I don't see the problem. Obviously when the new barrack dress comes in then everything changes................