Help please - ETS and no. 1 dress

In one of those aaagh! moments, I am in need of a blues jacket for the end of April, for an occasion at which officers of field rank and higher far outweigh us ordinary mortals (1 3*, 1 2* and 2 2* not to mention Cols and Majs out the yin-yang).

I don't particularly want to fork out for new, but don't want to look a twonk in an ebay special, so:

Does anyone know if the 2nd hand shop has any blues jackets in (or indeed how to contact them to find out)?

Does anyone know a decent military tailor who also hires his wares out? Or is extremely reasonable?

Or is there a slightly stout 5' 9" (40"-42" chest, male) ETS officer (pref Capt) out there willing to help a fellow schoolie out?

All replies gratefully received. (Pulls up sandbag, lights woodbine, adjusts tin helmet and winds up gramophone). Many thanks.

Clothing store at W' Down?

Don't know if it is the same pattern in all respects, but the Gunners have a very well stocked shop in thier YO's wing-no phone number to hand but you could go through Dir Encs for "Adjutant Young Officers' Wing-Larkhill" as a start.

Alternatively get the MO pished and get him to sign you off with some highly contageous illness that requires vast quantities of ale and isolation.

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