Help Please concerning smear tests?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Haribo, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I was wondering if anyone could help me understand on where i stand on the following,

    I'm in the process of joining the Regs and i had a letter from my selection centre saying i was defered due to a boarderline smear test in 07 for some reason i never got round to having the follow up smear so i was asked to have one before i could go any further with my application i've had this but this has also come back with boarderline changes. I've spoken to my doctor and asked him to write me a letter saying there is no treatment i can have for it as its such a mild case and supporting me, he said he would but when i've got it home and read it, its not very helpful and he hasnt put anything in there that he said he would!

    so i'm a bit stuck i'm not sure where i stand on if i can go ahead with my application. I will be sending it off to the selection centre but worried they are going to turn round and say i cant join even though i'm fit and healthy

    any help would be greatly received


  2. hmmm food for thought- raises the issue of if you are actually due treatment....(cue sitesearch)
  3. Woah there, don't go worry mongering. Mild discariosis does not require treatment just monitoring.
  4. Smudge67 can help you here, he is a gynaecologist.
  5. no worry mongering intended...was talking about oneself..sorry
  6. oh ok, why is that hun u had an abnormal smear too? Or just overdue one?
  7. both...i've had treatment and a clear one inbetween but, without sounding too much of a weirdy beardy hippy psychic type, i got a feeling this next one wont come back clear
  8. I've asked the doctor if i need treatment for it and he has said no there is nothing they can do apart from give me a repeat smear in June even though my last two have been boarderline changes :-(
  9. Are you sure you had a smear test and not an sexual health test, because there is no treatment for cervical cell changes?
  10. Could she be talking about a cone biopsy? Although that wouldn't be for borderline changes.
  11. Oh right i thought once you had abnormal cells they were always abnormal, she said she had a normal one in between, how would that work then?
  12. Thanks Bovvy, its always good to be educated!
  13. what i meant was, i had a result of pre cancerous cells, which were lasered off outta there, and my next smear was normal. i am now over due, and funny enough coinciding with this post my reminder letter came through's on the to do list
  14. well just an udpate been told i cant join until a get a clear test so now have to wait till June to have another one :-(

    i'm gutted