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G'Day Blokes
I'm in a team clearing a part of eastern Libya of WW2 mines and UXO - we are finding on old positions shed loads of Aussie artifacts (ciggie tins, bottles, webbing etc). Amongst them are a number of odd shaped bottles with
"This bottle is the property of HM LEGGO & Co. Is Lent only and must be returned". This company was based in Bendigo Victoria. Aside, of course, from the 65 year's worth of accumulated deposit I'll be claiming when I return it, can anyone direct me to Old Comrades/Veterans Associations with members who were involved in the North African Campaign? We've already been in touch with the relatives of a (Kiwi) Long Range Desert Group soldier, whose kitbag we found.
Any help would be pretty damn good.
Staaken (Long Range Desert Git)
The Returned and Services League (RSL) are the people you need to get in touch with for general stuff, if you find any specifc unit stuff most of the have associations going who would love any items. I'm in the Aussie Gres about to go full time so if you need anything specific drop me a PM.

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