Help Please!! Apple iPhone Mirror App

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Tremaine, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. Still haven't found this so can anyone help? Apple's accessory for the iPhone: the iMirror.

    Basically the iMirror attaches to the back of the iPhone over the camera to allow it to view objects at a wider field of view, and comes with an app that overlays a live feed from the camera onto the corner of the screen. Mint!

    Apple blurb "It allows you to see what's happening around you, whilst walking and looking at the iPhone screen."
    Looked everywhere in town and online, anyone got one of these, or a link please?

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  2. I've done a search but can't find anyone supplying it yet. Evidently it was released in the US on 9 March, so there may be a delay before it becomes available over here.

    Interesting bit in one of the reviews, though:

    Given that mobiles are banned in theatre, I presume that there must be moves afoot to produce an encrypted military version of the iPhone.
  3. I've only seen one version in mock carbon fibre, which is a bit chad
  4. Whatever next? Next there'll be a Walt-Spotter App. Ridiculous

    Gimp....They're Titanium mate, the brother's step sister's bloke's got one from a septic friend, one you saw is deffo a cheapo rip-off mate.
  5. mmm not april 1st is it ?
  6. April 1st?
  7. Yes, this has been trialled by our SSAFA veterans.