Help Phil make a million for H4H

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by halomonkey, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. I've taken a quick look and don't see this anywhere already, so felt it was worth a plug. If I've missed it on another thread feel free to delete.
    There are good causes all around us, this is mine for this month :
    Help Phil make a Million for Help for Heroes - this needs your support to be successful!

    "On the 19th February 2008, Major Phil Packer RMP was injured following a rocket attack in Basra. Phil has been treated at the Spinal Ward in the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore where his surgery, rehabilitation and medical support has taken place since 2nd March. Sadly, as a result of the accident Phil has lost the use of his legs and is now a paraplegic with what are classed as catastrophic injuries.

    With the help and kindness of fellow colleagues and friends, he plans to raise £1 million for Help for Heroes in support of wounded colleagues. He sincerely hopes you will help him and would be grateful if you would kindly consider donating to Phil's Million or holding an event. You may also wish to forward the link to friends and colleagues that you believe would also help to support Phil's Million.

    Phil has been donated a practice racing chair and will start training for the next Flora London Marathon when discharged from hospital on the 13th June 2008; just under 4 months after the incident. Not only is he training for this, but he has laid down the gauntlet (within reason) for any challenges, events or sports that you may want to invite him to try or participate in. He hopes to raise the £1million by the 26th April 2009; the date of the Marathon.

    This target can only be achieved as a team effort by spreading the word and getting behind him.

    Can you support him and help him achieve this? The link to his Just Giving website is if you would like to make a secure donation.

    Why not hold a fundraising event or ask and encourage friends to do the same at their place of work; if you want to contact Phil, his email address is; he is also on Facebook with a Group and a link to the Charity Site".

    (Unashamedly lifted from ModOracle word for word. No point me rewriting it)
  2. It's been a month so thought I'd give this a gentle bump
  3. It's been an hour so it deserves another bump .................. and a wee donation:)
  4. Ladies and Gents, just heard on BFBS, that Phil is sacking the attempt at teh Marathon in a "speed chair"......

    He is RUNNING it. 2 miles per day (that is all his physio will allow) over 13 days. And it will count as a "run" according to the organisers.

    He has a website, that I can't remember the name of.... poosibly. Where you can donate. He is willing turn up to events in order to raise awareness too.

    Might pop over there now to spend some hard earned.....

    Please pass this about. As he is a very brave man, and deserves every bit of help we can give..... wonder if we could get the route lined? 2miles worth of people? How many is that?
  5. Donation would be there, except that someone cloned my card last week. Three to five days before I can contribute, hopefully more once if my loan for being a feckless layabout student comes in on time.

    If we can find out where he'll be walking and when, I'll happily help line the route, the man's an inspiration.

    Have a look at his row across the channel as well, his seat broke quite early on and he kept going. Must've hurt like hell, especially with his injuries. He's also planning to climb a mountain in June over in the US.

    And his website is

    The address is part of the H4H site, .com is his own.
  6. The guy is an inspiration. I'm kind of astounded but not really (if you know what I mean) about him 'running' the marathon.
  7. just wanted to say the best of luck with your campaign Major Packer to raise funds for "Help for Heroes",
    Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength
  8. Today seems a good day to remind people of what Phil is doing. He will be completing the London Marathon over the next two weeks. Walking (not forgetting he was told he would never walk again) 2 miles each day. Go take a look at his site and dig deep into your pockets to support his efforts for H4H.
  9. Major Phil Packer is an inspirational man. I can't be there, but I would love to see hundreds - if not thousands - join him for those last 2 miles. Hang the traffic, they can wait.

    If you can make it why not join him?
  10. I agree, he's an inspiration. I would like to get my cadet group to run the last 2 miles with him. When and where is it going to be and at what time etc?

  11. He'll finish at St James’ Park on The Mall on Saturday 9th May. His website is here: Phil Packer.

    This isn't something I've seen discussed, I just think it would be fantastic to see. Give the man the support he deserves!
  12. He is indeed an inspiration and the more who can turn out the merrier. If you can't be there on the last day he is happy to have people join him on any of the days in the next two weeks. Remember though it will not be a run. It will a hard fought, step by step slog, but don't let that dissuade your idea of getting the cadets to walk with him. The plan at the moment is one mile in the morning and one mile in the afternoon each day. This amazing man needs as much recognition and support as we can give him for another truly magnificent effort.
  13. Yeah that's fine. I don't think many of our cadets could even manage running 2 miles and I think that even walking will be a challenge for some of them! They're pretty out of shape, however I think that all of them will volunteer and if they don't I shall make them :D what Phil is doing is pretty extraordinary and I think he deserves everyones full support.
  14. You can contact Phil and his team at the following address, Major P M Packer AGC (RMP), C/O The Police Station, London District Royal Military Police Detachment, 76D Rochester Row, LONDON, SW1P 1JU or by emailing them from his web page That way you can get timings etc straight from the horse's mouth.
    Keep spreading the word :thumleft: