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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Spacehopper383, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. I've just been asked by the wife if I can have a look at the outlaws laptop. The outlaws got a call from a company calling itself Help PC Online Ltd and said they had been contacted by Virgin Media to try and sort out the problems on her computer which the company said was causing problems with the Virgin Media networks.
    Now I know enough to know this part is bollocks but the man on the phone convinced the MIL to start opening files on the computer and to also look at a website called As the MIL gets confused when using a computer she only did part of what he told her to do before telling him that it was too complicated and that she would get me to do it another day. She can't remember what she opened up or even if she changed any settings.
    I've told her to disconnect her broadband before running a deep scan with both the anti virus and the anti spy-ware that comes with Virgin Media Security and then once that is done go back to a date before the phone call and do a system restore.

    My question to you chaps is, has anyone else had dealing with these people, how likely has a piece of spy-ware/malware been downloaded onto her computer and finally would my suggestions work to remove any software that may have been downloaded.
  2. Cold callers are *****, con-men or *********.

    It's long overdue these bastards were outlawed, and long overdue that the mongs who fall for their patter had their credit cards taken away.

    For every one that gets suckered there must be thousands of us that get harrassed by the scamming twats.
  3. Got a call tonight from a very excitable Asian twat who informed me I had a problem with my laptop. He very kindly offered to sort it out for me . Overwhelmed with gratitude, I accepted his offer and placed myself in his hands. He told me , after about 10 mins of discussion, to press "windows+ R " (run) and type in to the search box "eventvwr" (which I wrote in my note book) which would take me to a mystical place in cyberspace where all my problems would be resolved. After about another10 mins, my tea was ready so I told him he was a **** and asked him to **** off.
    I then googled "ev.........." and came up with this ;
    Eventvwr scam, what do I do? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers

    The moral of the story is beware of pakis bearing gifts.
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  4. My Missus took one of these calls a few weeks ago, told them to call back in 5 when 'the company IT manager would be back in the office'. Line suddenly went dead.
  5. hi this is one of the biggest scams going at the moment, i had this three weeks ago and by acting like a dumb arse that hassnt got a clue i managed to keep him on the phone for over 50 minutes, i just kept saying me no understaande computers so when they spoke i just went back to watching my tv lol, then when they asked me if i had done as they had asked i just kept saying yeh yeh huh hur mmmm yep go that. then at the end i asked him how he felt that i had wasted his time for nearly an hour and that he was a scumarseshagging c**t and that i had tracked his number and was coming to get him. dont know why the phone went dead.
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  6. I was actually round the in-laws' gaff when one of these twats rang them up. I was eating the tea the MiL had laid on for us when I overheard the FiL asking how much something would cost to fix and a rather incredulous "£80?!".

    I pricked my ears up, had a look over his shoulder and realised that he'd given the scamming twats remote access and they were 'scanning' for errors with a piece of bullshit software which came up with a long list of errors that only they could fix for an £80 fee. I grabbed the phone off him and tried to shut their remote access down but the second they heard me in the background saying "It's a ******* scam" they realised they weren't getting any bank details and started trying to sabotage as much as they could before I could kick them off.

    They're no experts and it's a bit of a crude scam, but they deleted everything in the My Documents folder as soon as they realised they'd been rumbled, the little pricks - luckily the in-laws are IT illiterate and had nothing too important on their PC.
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    My folks had a caller just the other week but the old Man told him that number 4 son just happens to be a VP of an IT company in London and he sorts all his problems out .... Guess what .... The line went dead .... Number 3 son ( thats me ) would like to have just 60 seconds with the scum bag as I'm not so pleasant on times !!!
  8. I got a call last month with some Asian dude claiming to be call because my PC was running slow. I exclaimed my surprise at this revelation as my laptop runs on Linux o/s. Line just went dead.
  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Ms skid2s just got a call about error messages from her computer for the last month and a half. This awfully nice but excitable chap from London (obviously just arrived) offered all sorts of fixes. After a while I asked for his name and address so I would know where to send the cheque, he told me to 'godda heel fokka'. These IT people no social skills at all.

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  10. My parents almost got hit by the " Sky insurance " scam last week.

    Get a phone call from " Sky " that their box insurance was about to run out and if you could pay now, you can save 40% off the renewal....thankfully both my parents do not have any cards so they referred them to call me the same time the next night.

    All it took was a simple call to the real sky to find out the details and **** the scammers off when they did call.
  11. See the link in post 8.
  12. I was receiving these calls a few months back saying that they had been asked to contact me by my broadband provider despite me telling them that I had contacted my provider and Trading Standards the calls still kept coming for several weeks. After a break of a few months they have again contacted me today telling me that Microsoft have requested they contact me. When I told him that I had already reported the company to Trading Standards this charming man told me that I am now at risk of hackers who will invade my computer and take all my money and asked me if I was happy about this. I told him I was absolutely delighted :) Might try the time wasting technique next time lol.
  13. Thread resurrection

    Had one of these chaps this morning, chatted to him for about 10 mins listening to the usual bull, my PC was infected, sending out viruses etc, got bored told him I had Linux and he was a complete twat.

    He was calling from India, his number is 0519 8847169, the old bill don't seem interested , looked at their website and as its beyond these shores its like so what.