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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by snips450, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Ello,

    Right today I got a Notice to Owner of an outstanding PCN from Westminster Council.

    I did not receive a parking ticket from them on the date notifidy,I was in the area but i did not recieve a ticket....

    I was about to unload in Ramillies Place when a Parking attendent approached me and advise me that no unloading could take place,I asked why and she explained the reason so I closed my doors and drove off to find a parking bay which i did.

    At no time did she give me a ticket.

    So why have I 4 weeks later got this letter stating that I owe them £120????

    What action can i take?

    Any advise would be helpfull

    And no I wasn't rude to her at anytime and I have got my work mate as a witness.

  2. I am surprised you only got a parking ticket mate!
  3. I'm not a legal eagle, so feel free to regard anything that follows as complete horseshit.

    If they've given you a ticket they should have photographic evidence to prove it. In fact, they should have sent you a copy of the picture with the letter.

    If you're certain they don't have proof of an offence then reply to them stating no ticket was issued, ask for a copy of the picture, if that fails let it get to court, if they can't prove it it'll be quashed.
  4. Do they give you a date and time for this ticket? Id ask for a photo of the parking offence....
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Go to the website

    In spite of the stupid name, they are a very useful forum for this type of thing and they gave me advice that led to the cancellation of a parking ticket.
  6. I was always under the impression that the ticket was not "issued" until it was placed on your windscreen.
    Has this changed?
  7. Guys,

    Thanks for the advice just spoke to a very helpfull lady at Wetsminster Parking.
    She advised me that there is no photographic evidance :evil: and no Tax disk number where taken down :twisted: ,she advised me that this info must be taken down or a reason given as to why it wasn't,I.E someone being agressive.

    She has advise me to write in and contest it on these grounds and to ask for evidance of the parking offence.She is pretty certain that the ticket will be quashed. :D :D
  8. If the ticket is not quashed, I suggest you write to Traffic Penalty Tribunal and outline the circumstances surrounding the PCN. I'm pretty sure they will be interested in this one. :wink:

  9. If the ticket is not quashed , ask to go to arbitration and say that you propose to attend. It will be quashed then and in the very unlikely event that you have to go the only evidence against you will be a written statement from the PA and your verbal explanation will carry much more weight. New Zealand house near Piccadilly is the venue.
  10. With respect, that is a dangerous assumption to make. If this was the case, it would be common knowledge to elect to go to arbitration, knowing that the parking authority would not attend. It just isn't so. I have no doubt that you have been to arbitration, and no doubt won, but each case is assessed on its merits.

    To answer other assumptions; no attendants do not have to place the ticket on the windscreen, a rule of thum is that as soon as the VRM is taped into their hand held ticket machine, the ticket is conidered issued. Each authority tends to have slightly different rules. Furthermore, I am sure the attendant willl have a different version of the verbals that took place at the scene. And as far as the helpful lady on the helpline is concerned, well, not being funny, she can say what she likes, and obviously wants to get you off the line with the minimum of fuss.

    I am not saying you won't win, it just ain't the cakewalk people are making it out to be. Best of luck, and I hope I'm wrong :wink:
  11. Just heard back from Westminster Parking and they have cancelled the PCN.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

    What makes me abit pissed off tho is the fact that they sent this Charge notice out even though there was no proof of the contrvention taking place.

    Very dodgy indeed.